Managed VPS WordPress Hosting Vs WordPress Cloud Hosting


Managed VPS WordPress Hosting Vs WordPress Cloud Hosting? I want to upgrade my current hostgator shared hosting plan to either a VPS or WordPress cloud hosting plan. My site is a WordPress site that contains a secure eCourse with a decent amount of custom coding. Here is a link to the hostgator WordPress cloud hosting plans.
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  1. For me the preferred solution is unmanaged CentOS7 VPS. When I was paying (billing error made them offer me free hosting for life) was $60 a year for.. 4GB RAM, quad core decent processor, 250gb space, 5TB monthly bandwidth with 3 IPs out of New York. Good enough for several sites running very fast to Europe. Very simple to admin with webmin and virtualmin installed.


    For You It’s Depends on your expertise. Managed cloud hosting are like managed VPS and is easy for you to manage however VPS hosting can be hard if you have no expertise in that area. In terms of speed, Cost and a good hosting service will advice A2Hosting hosting, been using them for years and i most confess they have been the best for me in terms of speed,security and support.

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