Malcare vs WebArx Security?


Malcare vs WebArx Security? Which One To Choose?

Hi, I’m using Wordfence for protecting my client’s websites. Now I’ve read lots of good things about MalCare and WebARX. But they’re not cheap. So which one to choose? Some say: MalCare is for clearing an infected site, and WebARX is for preventing the infection. However, MalCare does protect too. So MalCare or WebARX?

Malcare vs WebArx Security
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  1. I am using Malcare and not WebARX. MalCare has some level of site protection but its main feature is cleaning the infected site. I had a site infected by malware, and Malcare helped to clean it (auto and manual). I am happy.
    WordPress protection can be done using many WordPress security plugin. The advantage of WebARX is that it provides one panel for all your sites.
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  2. I’ve got both, with the firewall turned on – no problem thus far. From my findings with both turned on, some things Malcare picks up and some things WebARX picks up. And some, both pickup. WebARX doesn’t have the ability to update the plugins via the panel like Malcare at the moment. WebARX is aiming to offer near similar to Malcare such as backups too. Until a real winner surfaces, I’m using both.

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    I have both WebARX and MalCare on my sites. You really want both. They are two different bouncers working at the club. WebARX is the bouncer who keeps you from getting into the club, will be turning people away all day and all night long. If someone gets really clever and sneaks in through the ventilation shaft, MalCare is the bouncer who will find them, pick them up by the shirt collar, and throw them out the back door.
    But in all seriousness, I had one client’s website get hacked and then it spread to ALL my websites…shared hosting, oy (now I’m on cloud hosting so no more of that nonsense).
    Let me tell you…MalCare saved the day. MalCare and his team were right on it. Very responsive to emails and support tickets. They went in and removed the malware and infected files on every single site. They are totally clean now.
    You will not get this kind of timely support, personal attention, and quick results anywhere else for this price. I mean seriously, one-click removal. That’s all you do is click. MalCare takes care of the rest. One malware removal over the course of a year pays for itself. It’s a no-brainer.
    MalCare goes on every website I manage.
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  3. MalCare does a great job as a firewall. It detects and stops attempted hacks all day. But nothing is 100%. And a site MalCare was protecting did get hacked. MalCare let me know right away by email and I “one-clicked” it clean.
    So I now have WebARX on all my sites as well. WebARX is intrusion-protection. They will show you the activity logs (failed login attempts) and firewall logs (all the different methods attempted to gain access to the site). WebARX also monitors Uptime and will notify you if a site is down. It also will notify you if your domain name is expiring. WebARX really dives into the details…shows you if your site is being discussed in hacker communities, lets you know if your site has been blacklisted, checks for crypto miners.
    MalCare has an option for automatic site backups (highly recommended) and also provides the ability to set up a staging site.
    Both WebARX and MalCare have central dashboards that allow you to monitor your website. You can update themes and plugins from both. Both of these services are easy to use, and very lightweight–they don’t bloat up your website.

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  4. Malcare to me does not seem like a total protection solution. It’s good, it’s just not amazing compared to the free stuff on the market. I would go with something free + malcare but I would never assume it byself would protect me. Just not enough options. On the plus side, it’s cleaning malware side is excellent. It kinda reminds of me Malware Bytes for the desktop. It’s not going to stop you from getting a virus but when paried with a virus scan you are most likely good. At least that’s my two cents.

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