Litespeed benchmarks fake or not?


hey you guys are talking about Open Litespeed benchmarks are fake because of disabled FastCGI cache in Nginx comparison, what about is important?

Litespeed vs Nginx? Is LiteSpeed More Powerful Than Nginx?

WP Speed Matters and WP Johnny said that Litespeed is much faster than Nginx so what about is fake metric…… the result is obvious

Who cares about the cache plugins, you can use any cache plugins right?? Why did they must use only FastCGI cache for testing Nginx if they have many cache plugins available to choose from for any test?

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hardya 2 weeks 2021-10-04T05:40:33+00:00 1 Answer 0

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    In Mexico also Nginx and Apache still very more popular than Litespeed because Nginx configuration is very easy and Apache performance is good enough and open source community, nobody really wants to use Litespeed for this reasons.

    I think both of WP Speedmatters and WP Johnny just did copy-paste of the benchmarks from Litespeed homepage blog, that is why all of them disabled FastCGI Caching in Nginx settings. Maybe that is some accidental behavior or maybe on purpose, I don’t know.

    FastCGI cache is for Nginx only, not any plugin for WordPress, only server caching.

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