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  1. Go to Linode. Their option to scale the server is really good. On other VPS to downgrade server you will have to create a new server and then migrate your data and then change the DNS but on Linode, you can do it easily. Plus Linode is the fastest hosting provider I have ever experienced.
    Don’t go to CloudWays if you know a little bit about the server and these things work. They charge you double to provide you some easy settings.
    Linode is faster than any VPS I have ever experienced. Plus on Linode, you can downgrade your server easily. On other VPS you will have to perform lots of operations which is really frustrating.

  2. I have all my sites with Siteground. Combination of reseller accounts and cloud account. I see people complaining about Siteground pricing but I did a calculation the other day taking into my $130pm for cloud account which currently has 50 sites and room for a few more, so this is costing me $31 per site per year. Not bad. I haven’t noticed any drop in Siteground support, contacted them the other day, and as helpful as ever. I recently signed up for a NameHero account, and after installing two sites decided it wasn’t for me, and transferred them back to Siteground. I have limited experience with other hosts but in my opinion, Siteground is one of the best.

  3. If you are technically oriented just get a VPS from Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean, etc., and you can set it up. You can also install Webinoly (free) to manage your sites and it includes native cache ( Redis Object Cache & jFastCgi cache) just like Siteground. 
    I really like NameHero as a shared WordPress hosting. Their pricing and infrastructure are top-notch. 

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  4. Litespeed is awesome! I run my own server with LiteSpeed and cloudlinux on an AWS ec2 instance. Couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s been proven Litespeed has better performance over apache servers.
    NameHero Provides the best Lightspeed servers. If you are looking for the cheapest, NameCheap is that BUT it’s slow, a lot slower then NameHero.

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