LearnDash vs LifterLMS vs LearnPress vs Tutor LMS


LearnDash vs LifterLMS vs LearnPress vs Tutor LMS ? Which WordPress LMS plugin is the best? I’m circling back to the debate. A few months ago, I created a test site with LifterLMS WordPress LMS plugin free for learning purpose. Now I want to make a production site and wondering if I should go with LearnDash instead of LifterLMS. This will be built from the scratch so I won’t lose anything by abandoning LifterLMS completely.

I know that the ultimate decision depends on what I plan to do with it and LMS plugin pricing. But I am wondering which one is better in terms of stability and usability. Everyone seems to give LearnDash higher marks for stability and features, but I recently remember someone saying that LearnDash has too many bugs and LifterLMS is more stable. Will appreciate your thoughts on which is better and why.

I have created a subdomain for the website and now am looking at a number of different plugins that I can work with but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations in terms of LearnDash vs LifterLMS vs LearnPress vs Tutor LMS.

I am looking at the new Tutor LMS plugin also. Has anyone done a side by side comparison yet? Obviously, LearnDash is a much more mature product with version 3 released. Tutor LMS is new but the LTD option and apparently a big team behind it.

Any recommendations on what would be the best LMS plugin for WordPress? I also want something that looks professional.

LearnDash vs LifterLMS vs LearnPress vs Tutor LMS
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    AskWP recommends LifteLMS for WordPress Learning Management System. One of the major strengths of LifterLMS is that it is designed from the ground up to blend in the membership aspect into the LMS. In LearnDash, the membership piece seems like an after-thought. This allows a course developer to sell and deliver content in some very interesting ways that is not possible with LearnDash.


    LearnDash vs LifterLMS Pricing

    Their pricing structures are very different. LifterLMS is free to get started. You can build a full LMS with it, except you have to pay for at least one add-on for setting up payments ($100). But then it skyrockets from there. $100 to $1000+/year. LearnDash is couple of hundred USD per year per site to start and does not get that pricey.

    LearnDash reminds me of PayPal/InfusionSoft whereas LifterLMS reminds me of Stripe. The former are legacies from another era…the latter is built for today.

    LifterLMS is all in one and LearnDash is ‘best in show’. This obviously means with LearnDash you might need to buy a membership plugin.

    Download Lifter LMS

    Best answer

    ASTRA or OCEANWP combined with ELEMENTOR PAGE BUILDER and LIFTERLMS as the LMS System and if you want to spice it up even more, use ASTRA PRO & ELEMENTOR PRO and a couple of the Premium addons of LifterLMS…

    Checkout WPAstra

    If you are going the route of LifterLMS you can also use their specialized theme, LifterLMS Launchpad theme. I’ve used some other themes too… GENERATEPRESS and a GeneratePress Child theme… in combination with LifterLMS.

    Checkout GeneratePress

    Whatever the case, if you are going to do online courses, LifterLMS is my preference as the LMS. LEARNDASH will also work without having any problem

    Checkout LifterLMS


    Learndash is easily the industry leader when it comes to WordPress LMS. Non-WordPress I’m not as familiar with but I actually worked with one of the senior developers of Moodle who he himself thought it was junk in the back and heavily outdated. There is a plug-in for multiple instructors plus a way to track the percentage of the fee the instructor is getting paid. The fee split can be viewed by you and the instructor. Learndash has an active Facebook Group where the company is quick to answer questions. They are extremely helpful.
    Visit learndash.com


    I got on the LifterLMS bandwagon after many years using LearnDash, mainly because it felt more “lively”. Chris the founder of LifterLMS has been been super active in the Facebook groups and they’re continually rolling out new features based on everyone’s feedback. LearnDash is solid but it hasn’t really changed much in recent years. So I kinda prefer building around a platform that’s evolving with the market.


    Support for your LMS system and plugins are very important to me, apart from the fact that I agree that LifterLMS is lively and with a huge amount of continued development. So for me the answer is super easy, LifterLMS without a doubt! I have never ever experienced Plugin support at the level which LifterLMS provides, they are simply in a class of their own. I have become a real LifterLMS junkie, so much so that I am in the process of writing my own dedicated Plugin for LifterLMS to handle Bulk Registrations (not Bulk Enrollments) and am planning to also write a Payment Gateway for LifterLMS over the festive period in December to make provision for PayFast which is the Payment Gateway which is commonly used in my country and with our currency here in South Africa. That’s my 2 cents worth of an opinion on the matter.


    I used LearnDash a couple of years ago it’s a good plugin and works well with Astra Theme. Make sure you’re running the highest PHP on your server to get the best results from it. Yes, you can self-host videos etc on it and you can lock specific content behind paywalls and also timing such as only making stuff available on certain days or after they’ve completed a course then achieved a certain percent on a module review quiz etc.
    Learndash seems like the best, LearnPress is the cheapest, and Sensei seems like a good option as well(by woo folks). The core plugin for LearnPress is free so its a good place to start. Then jump to a paid plug if needed. Based on the reviews it seems like if you want something simple that should work but if you add much functionality can end up costed more than the others. Personally, Sensei seems like the better option but Learndash is most popular.

    Get LearnDash


    I have researched many and LifterLMS is my fav. I like to be in control of my stuff and not rely on a third party. I am currently using to building my membership and digital programs. There are a few tutorials out there that actually show using WordPress (rather than Elementor) to build the lessons.

    My issue with LearnDash is you can not filter by multiple taxonomies


    I’m just trying out a tutor LMS proof of concept with oxygen and so far it seems to be really good. It has a plug-in which puts all the LMS blocks into the Oxygen Builder, so you build it just like you would any other oxygen page. Very handy. I haven’t tried all of the features yet, but I’m working through it slowly. Work is getting in the way. My plan is to integrate with Wishlist Member (which seems to be working well) and then sell access to courses via ThriveCart.


    Learndash vs Learnpress:

    Have used learnDash and it is very powerful, but a lot of customization must be done through CSS if you don’t like how it looks. There are some themes to change some of the basics of how it looks, but those are a tossup. Also, use myCred Learn Dash for gamification based learning to motivate users. I’ve tried learnpress for a while, and it is cool, but had to change to learndash because it has more functions that I needed. So far learndash is working great with Elementor.

    Get LearnDash


    What are you looking for in an LMS plugin? You can look at these options to get started, but if you’re looking for something particular, knowing more will help us figure out what might be better for you. And LifterLMS with  Astra Theme and Elementor page builder is a popular combo.
    Learn more about Which Is The best lms Plugin On WordPress? LearnDash vs LifterLMS?


    Teachable vs Thinkific vs WordPress Learndash:

    While most of my things are still on Thinkific, I liked that with LearnDash, I could also keep all my marketing, SEO, and advertising efforts focused on one place and that I could also sell merch and courses on the same site. When I first started hosting courses, I didn’t know about Teachable or Thinkific so I’d been using Premise (predecessor to Studiopress Rainmaker). Thinkific has a beautiful interface and it’s super easy to upload content a d get something launched in an hour or so. But ideally, I’d like not to have to send folks different places to access my courses. My concerns aren’t so much security-focused since I manage sites but more customer experience. I like Thinkific too. Its video upload speed is superior and the user interface is nice.


    I have a dilemma regarding online training course plugins. LearnDash is said to be the best LMS plugin, other says for beginners LearnPress is the best choice, and top of all it’s free. As I saw there are multiple add-ons for LearnPress, so not sure, at the and how much will it cost, I guess it won’t remain free. I also read that Learnpress can break the website if there are compatibility issues with the wp-theme
    There is already a website with a woocommerce webshop, selling products and consultation, and would like to sell online courses as well. Not sure what would be best.
    Should I set up LearnPress on the already existing website, so I can connect it to woocommerce (and may change the already existing WordPress theme)? Or would it be better to separate them, and to create a new learning site on a subdomain?
    Which plugin do you recommend? (any other ideas are welcome)
    Thanks for your help in advance!


    Moodle vs WordPress LMS:

    What do you want to achieve? WordPress can do many things but also has many limitations, and the same is true of plugins and themes. If you want addon courses for a site that’s mostly about other stuff, I suppose you could use something like sensei, even if it’s rather limited.
    However, if you want a site that is based around or exists as a learning platform, I’m not sure I’d waste my time trying to get WordPress and general-use themes to do the job. Have a look at Moodle instead (google..) which is a dedicated LMS platform. The membership element is built into Moodle so that’s something you can forget about. Also, last time I looked at the UK’s Open University was using Moodle. Moodle was built to be an LMS and nothing else.
    Oh, and Moddle is free,  and it always will be.


    Teachable vs WordPress:

    WordPress plug in you need to be a bit more techie and you need to host your videos elsewhere (ie Vimeo?) I did a comparison recently and wrote down some notes. I did a comparison with WordPress, memberium click funnels, teachable and it’s comparison. I used a WordPress solution for years. While it’s very flexible, the constant upgrades of WordPress, plugin, and theme and making them play nice with each other became bothersome… then there are the security issues. My sites have been hacked several times, and it can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Then there’s the potential lag (depending on your host).
    There are also “hidden costs”, many themes and plugins require annual renewal fees. Hosting requirements. I also paid annual membership for Vimeo Pro etc. It all adds up.

    The cons of WordPress LMS:

    1. Security
    2. Handling software updates (see #1)
    3. Being responsible if customers can’t access your course for whatever reason
    4. A slower pace of innovation, new features

    Pros of WordPress LMS:

    1. Cut out the middleman and the middleman’s fee.
    2. Customize the experience more.
    3. Ability to refuse forced features, upgrades.
    4. Absolutely no one will get your customer list.

    Security is a huge con. There are stories of people with WordPress courses that got hacked. A huge mess, and on them to clean it up.
    I’m more than happy to pay Teachable to take some of the load off.

    Get teachable Free Trail


    Most of the LMS plugins target small to medium organizations, larger organizations have other extensive customized setups. You can use LearnDash or TutorLMS or any other LMS you find, there might be features that you don’t require now, like exams, quizzes, assignments, etc, but you might need it when you go further with this.
    I always prefer LearnDash


    I’m a huge fan of AccessAlly. It’s the most expensive of the bunch but it’s the best in my opinion. I’ve also worked with WPCourseWare, LearnDash, and LifterLMS.
    LearnDash is good for a simple course that provides access immediately or dripped according to the time elapsed and not dates. When you do multiple launches with a date based drip, you either have to clone the course or use uncannyowl pro plugin to set up groups and it becomes messy and a pain.
    I love AccessAlly because the CRM controls all of that. It’s tag-based and I can control access any which way that I want. It has so many built-in features that unless I’m going SUPER custom, I don’t need any other plugins to make it work the way that I want it to. It’s much more in tune with customizing user experience and not just content delivery.


    I know these all are well-known names in the eLearning industry. But I want to all one more name of LMS software as well as hosting provider. On the basis of my personal experience and my deep research in this field. And that is DomainRacer Tutor LMS.
    It offers well configured and various kinds of useful features according to your budget and specifications. Security and reliability are the priority of any e-learning site. And my research and finding say that DomainRacer Tutor LMS is a one-stop solution. Those are suitable for any scale of deployment of online learning platforms.
    DomainRacer LMS offer well customized hosting packages including:

    • cPanel, and FTP access to manage your own learning management system
    • Worry Free upgrading your installation of LMS software for WordPress site
    • Private Video Platform with 21X Faster Lording Speed
    • Great LMS support including the Online Ticketing System and live chat via web, email, whats app

    DomainRacer LMS is an all in one complete package that you need for fluent e-Learning. they have advanced capabilities to provide provision for webinars, accurate reporting and tracking. So according to me, these all points are strong enough. To make DomainRacer at 1st position. in the wining race between between LearnDash, LifterLMS, LearnPress and Tutor LMS for LMS WordPress plugin.

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