Kinsta vs CloudWays – Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress sites?


Kinsta vs CloudWays – Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress sites. I need to host a WORDPRESS WooCommerce website for a high traffic site. The client wants good speed and reliability when we run Facebook Ad campaigns. I am looking for a secure solution which is easy to work with for a non techy marketer like me.

Do you guys suggest CloudWays? or is it too technical. I currently have the SiteGround cloud-hosted solution, but it is slow and I have heard other people saying it is not a great solution. I checked out Kinsta vs CloudWays reviews and got confused!

Kinsta vs CloudWays
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    Hey buddy. I love Cloudways, but I totally get wanting a high level of service and on demand help. I would consider checking out Kinsta. Kinsta support is the best I have ever experienced. It’s shockingly good. All done over Intercom, and FAST. Their servers are top notch as well. You pay for it, but it’s worth it. All that being said, I get by just fine on CloudWays. But if there is large sums of money on the line, it’s worth paying more.

    Kinsta is the best there is. Cloudways Cloud Hosting is there, but if I had serious ad dollars on the line and didn’t want to get my hands dirty, I would not choose Cloudways. I mean they do support you for sure, but talking to Kinsta is like talking to your friend that totally gets you. (I know that sounds creepy)

    You know that feeling trying to explain a problem to support, and that alone is so much work. That is what I am talking about.

    Kinsta’s support is second to none, while Cloudways can certainly help you, its just not the same. Another feature you will need is ssh for any development work for custom tuning your site this is only available at Kinsta. You can achieve the power required at Cloudways, but they do not offer the scalability Kinsta features. If you exceed your bandwidth, that’s it. Kinsta has a easy overage billing setup, and the performance killer. It has a premium, but I found it to be worth every dime. I encourage you to reach out to their reps and get the full scoop.

    Another top feature that sets them completely apart, LXD orchestrated Linux containers, this means each site is isolated and each have their own dedicated resources. Only Kinsta has this available at scale.

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    I tested Cloudways servers on a few websites I have had hosted over at WPX WordPress Hosting. Speedwise, Cloudways tops WPX by around 0.5 – 0.9 secs! That is quite an improvement moving to Cloudways. The question is, how technical do you need to be on cloudways to run it all yourself? I am above average tech ability. Wondering if I should just tinker with it myself and figure it out..

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