Kadence vs GeneratePress?


Kadence vs GeneratePress – Which WordPress Theme is Better? Despite GeneratePress being one of the most lightweight themes on the market, Kadence still loads faster. The fastest WordPress theme has officially been beaten.

The Kadence theme is faster than GeneratePress, has unmatched ease of use, offers remarkably more layout and color customizations, additional WooCommerce options, and blows GeneratePress away in free and premium features. Not to mention, Kadence Blocks uses the global color palette to give an advantage over GenerateBlocks. What are your thoughts?

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Ali Akkas 1 year 2020-12-20T09:16:23+00:00 2 Answers 2

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    They’re both awesome but GeneratePress is still my go-to for more complex layouts as GP Elements has a few more options. Best 2 themes on the market for me at the moment.

    Visit GeneratePress

    I really like Kadence- it’s a pleasure to build with. But GeneratePress will be pushing the envelope with its upcoming features. I’ll continue to use GeneratePress for more complex sites.

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    Kadence just came out with a pro version. I own all three of these themes and have used GP on many sites. However, Kadence had become my goto. First off its not a one man developer. But most importantly, my sites are blazing fast! Granted its young but, this team of developers is just as much responsive and interactive as GP.
    While I agree with you, for the most part, about. Although I’ve started replacing all the sites ive made with it Kadence, it still has a bunch of good points too.
    You should so a more recent and complete review.

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