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  1. Astra vs Kadence for Elementor:

    If you are using Elementor Pro, the theme you choose is irrelevant as you will mostly be using Elementor to create your pages.
    Kadence is a lighter and quicker theme than Astra, and Hello is just a blank theme.
    If you are happy to create headers, footers, control fonts, create your blog pages, edit woocommerce styling etc in Elementor then choose the Hello theme.
    If you would rather have the extras that a theme can give you like the styling of blog posts, set header and footer choices etc, then choose something else.
    Fundamentally it all comes down to what you want to do and how comfortable you are doing it.
    I have moved completely over to the Kadence Theme for both me and my clients, but then I am happy to create every part of the sites I make.

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  2. Kadence Theme Review:

    Kadence definitely makes a very interesting impression. Since I’m looking for a slimmer and more performant alternative to Elementor Pro, I’ve been working more intensively with Gutenberg and corresponding themes & plugins for several weeks. Therefore I have Kadence as well as the Blocksy theme in focus.
    Since I have been working on the topic “Social Intranet with WordPress” for a good three years now, I am of course very excited about the features, especially in terms of “dynamic content”, that existing and upcoming Gutenberg plugins will bring. Elementor Pro and related 3rd party plugins are very powerful – but in the long run unnecessarily difficult to maintain, because every update of WordPress or the plugins always tends to cause something to stop working. Therefore an intranet based on WordPress with the help of a Gutenberg optimized theme and plugin – i.e. without a page builder like Elementor – would definitely be worth considering.


    Astra is awesome, no need to change.


    Was it smooth to transition from Astra to Kadence?
    If I have the Astra Pro Agency, will the plugins I use fall if I make the switch?
    Is it worth making the switch?

  3. Hello friends.. 
    Kadence is way better than Astra..

  4. I just migrated from the ‘hello’ theme to Kadence. To be honest they’re all fast loading and it comes down to how you wish to build your site. I do like the simplicity of Kadence and it has more Free options!

  5. I tried Kandence but it is missing some key features for e-commerce so I went back to Astra Pro a few weeks ago which I use Elementor Pro with, I may give it a go once they get a few more things which I was wanting.

  6. The Best Free WordPress theme:

    The Kadence Theme (free) will blow your mind! The header/footer customizer and global color pallet are amazing and it has so much more than that. Definitely take a look at it. Paid Pro version will also be available with even more shortly. I’ve been looking elsewhere and found Kadence/Kadence Blocks. I don’t want to give up on Astra Theme but they need to develop similar customizations if it wants to keep up. I really wish it did because I’ve been so happy with it until recently. I love the Kadence theme with their Kadence Block plugin. I was never one who wanted or suggested installing a page builder for any of my clients either. Always tried to go native as much as possible. In only about 3 hours I was able to build a really nice layout in my development site using only Kadence theme and Kadence Blocks Pro.

    Get Kadence Blocks Pro


    I use Astra and Astra Pro and  Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, plus A couple of Jetpack modules. Tried Elementor and ditched it. I wouldn’t recommend trying to go without Astra Pro.


    Since I have LTD to oxygen builder and studiopress ( genesis themes) I go between those two. Genesis has been around for a very long time and has a solid foundation to build upon as far as in a theme. I also have LTD for Astra. But Genesis is my go-to theme.


    I bought Astra Pro Agency last year and continuing to build with it along with Elementor Pro. Astra is a great, light-weight theme with a pile of options. Gutenberg is getting better, but can’t hold a candle to the what’s possible with Elementor.

    Get Astra Pro

  7. I’d say GeneratePress is worth a look. Very easy to disable unwanted elements.

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