Kadence Theme WordPress – Anyone Used and What is Your Experience?


Kadence Theme WordPress – Anyone Used and What is Your Experience?

I have been hearing about the Kadence WordPress Theme, specifically the free kadence theme. It has lots of features like customizable headers with transparency in the free version.

I use a ThemeForest theme on my most website but it is slow somehow.  I have the Elementor Page Builder, but I literally want more customization for blog posts.

Kadence Theme - Anyone Used and What is Your Experience
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  1. I use Kadence and I have found it to be very fast, especially for the features Kadence free has. The obvious niceties are the built-in header and footer builders. REALLY easy to use. And I have seen none of the issues Lalit mentions. I have yet to find a bug in Kadence.

    Kadence for Gutenberg or Elementor?

    You don’t have to stop using Elementor, if you don’t want to. I use Kadence with Elementor and it works great! If you want to switch page builders or just use Gutenberg, you might have to use plugins to replace whatever functionality Elementor gave you, but you won’t have to worry about headers and footers. Kadence also has some starter templates you can download.

    Kadence with Elementor Speed Issue

    Using elementor does not necessarily come with huge speed penalties. It can, but that is only if you are using poorly programmed plugins with it. Elementor itself is pretty well programmed. Combine it with Hello or Kadence and you should not be having speed issues (like I said unless you are using some poorly programmed plugins). Plus, there is all kind of other things you can do if you are having speed issues. Use a CDN, properly size images, Lazy load images, defer loading of javascript, minify and combine CSS and javascript, minify HTML. Use a host with LiteSpeed servers and use the plugin. If you are still having problems, I’ll see what I can do to help.

    Get Kadence Theme

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  2. The theme looks fine, but the pricing doesn’t. Lifetime pricing is more than twice the annual price. This means that I have to be using this theme for 3 years to recover that investment. I don’t know which themes I will be using after a year, so I can’t commit to a 3-year investment. Heck, I don’t even know if WP will be our platform of choice after 3 years! 
    Are the Kadence plugins worth using with other themes, or are they only fully-optimized with the Kadence theme? I’m perfectly happy with everything about Astra, but I keep hearing great things about Kadence blocks for building Gutenberg-based sites.

  3. I use Astra Pro, despite their recent drama. They’ve been the easiest theme to use for me. Also, I use page builders (like Elementor) so I really don’t use much that themes have to offer other than some universal color styling that Elementor doesn’t do for blog posts, for example.
    Any benefit to picking this up if I already use Astra Pro?


    Just to make sure I’m not missing something – the Kadence Theme Pro license doesn’t come with Kadence Blocks Pro included, right? So basically, if you want to use full Kadence functionality you’d have to buy the Lifetime theme license for $259 and then spend another $59 per year on Kadence Blocks Pro? Can anybody confirm or deny this?

  4. I switched from Astra and OceanWP + Elementor to GeneratePress, Gutenberg, and Generateblocks. Which has been a great decision. However, Kadence blocks seem to have many more options than GenerateBlocks. So I’m thinking about Kadence Pro right now. 

  5. Kadence works well with either Elementor or Gutenberg. It probably works with other builders too, but I don’t use them. If you’re using kadence with Gutenberg, kadence also has the Kadence Blocks plugin for things you find missing from Gutenberg.

    Get Kadence Theme

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