Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner and How to learn WordPress?

Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner?

Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner and How to learn WordPress? I am really struggling. I was recommended to use WordPress to create a website, and that I didn’t need to be technical to do it I could follow step by step guides. Also, although they call them Blogs, it’s actually a website so no need to worry that they are called blogs. All I have managed to do is install WordPress, get a domain name, and have signed up to GreenGeeks. I have chosen my theme, as I am wanting to showcase small and large stained glass items for sale and to gain commissions I chose what I thought would enable galleries so I could upload images etc. I think I have created a page with info about me and assume that somehow on this page I want links to all the different images (pages? categories? links?). I feel like I am banging my head against the keyboard, I don’t understand the terminology and can’t see how I fit it all together. I feel like I don’t even know what questions to ask as none of it makes sense. Ironically enough I worked in IT for donkey’s years which makes me feel even more stupid! I really don’t know where is the best place to turn, I have tried reading the documentation, but it seems that whatever in my head makes this a dark art is the same when I read WordPress documentation. Am I missing a trick somehow?

How to learn WordPress?
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  1. I started out taking a WordPress class on Udemy. Then I took classes at a local college. Sometimes I pay developers to do stuff for me and I make them explain what they did. It’s been a two-year journey and I still feel like a beginner. But, I keep practicing and doing and learning and I am learning and yes it is extremely frustrating at times. Give yourself time and keep fighting through. You will get there! I am just playing around with an Elementor one at the moment, one with product buttons.

  2. I can understand the frustration. I am 73, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, worked for a defense contractor for 36 years as an electronics engineer developing complex electronic assemblies as well as helping to develop C++ based test modules. I programmed with Assembly Language, Fortran, Basic, Enhanced Basic, Siman, and Pascal. I started on computers with a Commodore 64, have worked with Windows and Unix bases systems, and created a personal website years ago using notepad with CSS and HTML code. It works and gets my message across, it is not an e-commerce website. I would like to recreate it using WordPress, Elementor, etc All of the advice and tutorials are geared towards e-commerce websites. So I watch youtube video after youtube video.  I will get there eventually . . . but for now, I really don’t care how much traffic my website gets as it doesn’t generate any revenue and it’s not that expensive to keep it running.
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    It can be a little overwhelming if you’re moving from a drag and drop interface to WP. Have you considered using a website builder such as Divi? Here are some options. These are more intuitive and let you do things faster when you’re starting off with WordPress.

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  3. WordPress CAN be learned by beginners and non-technical people, but because it’s so powerful it can be overwhelming. Please don’t beat yourself up for having a hard time, but also don’t give up because we know you can do this.
    Try Divi theme with a built-in block editor and hundreds of different theme templates rather than start from scratch. Great support and very few glitches.
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  4. WPBeginner – Beginner’s Guide for WordPress:

    See the WPBeginner website – it has all tutorials and awesome! Also, YouTube has amazing advice – tutorials – free – better than a book or guide. In less than a month – I was able to sue, WPBakery, the basic editor, and Elementor with pretty good success. Best advice – just play with it and spend a day mucking about. Don’t try hard to make anything specific. Basically WP Bakery uses “widgets” and you start with ROWS and Textboxes. My advice – spend 1 say playing with about a dozen tutorials. Then spend 2 hours playing on your site – just play with WP Bakery – try to build stuff. then take a break — play again. You will be amazed by what you will teach yourself to do with some practice using the software without a goal

  5. There’s a lot of info out there but choosing the “best” solution takes time and messing around. Even if you go codeless “Elementor” you will be chasing jargon and work.
    You were essentially building a store, that’s a lot more complex than a blog. But the difficulty isn’t getting it done, the difficulty is there’s no manual for making choices. You need to make decisions as to how things should look and interact, and not everyone knows how to plan and configure. Those are separate but necessary skills for using WordPress; it’s a creative tool, so it requires imagination as well as an understanding of the tools. You couldn’t drive a car after a half-hour walkthrough and demo video either. Don’t get me started on the complexity of modern digital cameras, either.
    You should understand that a polished store site developer can charge $5,000, 10,000, or more because it IS hard to do. Your friends didn’t understand your goals. That said, if you need a store, WordPress is the fastest way to build one. It’s just not going to be easy.
    Have you considered Shopify? Their templates are commerce-based out of the box.

  6. I was in the same situation last year. It takes time, patience, and lots of online research to build a site. But WordPress is better than others. I would strongly recommend using some sort of drag and drop editor like Elementor to build the site you envision. I think basic themes are too much for the average user that has a specific vision in mind. For selling products, I’d recommend woocommerce, but there is a learning curve there too.

  7. You can do it! It might help to go to YouTube and watch some tutorials. I’ve used Elementor for one site and took over a site with SiteOrigin on another. Elementor is more intuitive but on a third site I maintain, I just use the blocks WordPress gives you and I chose a standard (free) template. I make stained glass as well: I keep my store in Etsy and use my blog to write about my work and then send people there to shop. I keep meaning to make an eCommerce site for myself as I used to do them for the companies I used to work for. I used PrestaShop, Miva merchant and bigcommerce.

  8. Have you tried wireframing? Before you dive into the website itself, use wireframing for the design. Sounds like you have your content, which is essential. The next step is to take paper + pencil to design the look + feel (wireframing). Use Google to learn more about wireframing — lots of videos.

  9. I just started to learn WordPress with online course and the reason why I procrastinated for almost 2 years is Youtube! Yes, Youtube because It’s a very confusing and overwhelming place when you are trying to acquire a knowledge which requires step by step learning process. Find a suitable course for you which also will give you an opportunity to access direct questions to course author when you feel stuck!!!

  10. You are NOT alone. I was in the same place a year ago. I’m still a total dummy, but I blame it on WP being so dang confusing. I worked for three months to try and fix one little thing. I couldn’t figure it out. Then I found an app called Fiver. It’s a freelancer listing. I found a guy in Pakistan who fixed my issue in eight hours and charged me $157. It was seriously the best $157 I ever spent. There are so many people out there who know how to fix or even set up your site. And most are really reasonable. Check it over if you ever need help.

  11. How To Make a WordPress Website – For Beginners?

    This is the video I used to get started. Really good, step by step guide. Tyler Moore is really good at creating WordPress videos. He uses a page builder called Elementor that I use too. Very easy to use to do what you want. I think it will help a lot. I’m not techie, and I went through this about 6 months ago and put a nice site together starting with that video.


    Written guides and Youtube videos are useful. And there are various online courses around…
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ve all been there…
    And sometimes it can be easier to hire someone for an hour to go through a list of questions and get some personal help than spend hours trying to figure it out yourself. After all, you could spend a week research a legal letter, or hire a lawyer to write it in an hour, allowing you to spend your time focusing on the stuff you’re good at and that makes you money…
    Often it’s just learning what the terminology means – e.g. Pages are for static content which isn’t governed by dates (your About page for example), whereas Posts are generally better for your daily blog/news/update content.
    I actually sell hosting to people (my main work is providing content and marketing), and always include an hour of set-up and tuition help by default, because even the smartest people I know have plenty of questions when they’re starting out… I’ve worked with WordPress for more than a decade, including with the developers of some of the biggest plugins in the world, and I still come across the odd question.

  12. WordPress is easy until something doesn’t work the way you expect it to and then it can be a real pain. Also, e-commerce sites can get quite complicated as apart from listing the goods for sale there are other considerations such as how to take payments, how to create promotions and landing pages (a sort of product advert), etc.
    As you create a custom-built craft item have you considered online market places such as I think you can get a standard off the shelf store setup for a reasonable monthly fee and they specialize in designer products.
    I would suggest trying to find a tutorial on how to set up an e-commerce site in WordPress and follow that, using whatever themes and plugins they suggest. That should get you off the ground with something which you can then tweak over time as you learn more about WordPress.

  13. First of all, you are certainly not alone. I spent the last 22 years of my working life in IT as a Systems Administrator managing database, web, file & email servers in large organizations yet I floundered when I first started. 6 months on I am finally getting to grips with the task. I found youtube of limited help so instead signed up for some online courses that specifically relate to the page builder I am using as well as a beginner’s WordPress course.
    Continuous learning is best while enjoying your passion. So, enrich your skills with various online #digitalcontents which can aid you in your #websitedevelopment or #wordpressdesign.
    I personally wouldn’t have bought web hosting or a domain name before starting. I started my WordPress locally on my Mac using Mamp as my webserver. That way you can practice at will.

  14. There is a lot of good step by step set up videos on youtube to learn WordPress from scratch. Many feel the same way! I bought a book for “WordPress for Dummies” and it’s 800 pages! Just YouTube for a start, then google details when stuck somewhere. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

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