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  1. We have multiple SALES FUNNELS, pictured are our top 9, built out for our personal brand on CLICKFUNNELS and discovered that ClickFunnels Pages were failing us in a bad way. Very bad.

    Move website over from clickfunnels to thrive themes - wordpress
    In the last month our development team has been rebuilding them in Thrive Architect and are absolutely thrilled with Thrive Architect. Very thrilled.

  2. I am using THRIVE ARCHITECT from when it was called THRIVE CONTENT BUILDER. Thrive Architect provides the means to manage WORDPRESS websites yourself without knowing any coding. It’s a total lifesaver.

    I always recommend Thrive Architect and many of the suite of products like THRIVE LEADS & THRIVE QUIZ BUILDER. You can use Thrive Architect to create landing pages and sales pages that match the overall style of your theme. And the THRIVE THEMES Team gives you 100x value after you buy—which is something I have never seen done so well. If you’re selling something independently, Thrive Architect is a must.

    If you need any help, check with the Thrive Themes Help & Support forum. Just like with anything new, it does take some time to learn how to use Thrive Architect. However, it’s much easier than learning how to make all these changes to your site using HTML and CSS. I have an agency license for Thrive Themes and Plugins which I use for my client projects as well as my own sites.


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