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    I have about 20 sites on SG that are woocommerce plain, and about another 10 that are woo+LMS or woo+EDD, & all run fine. The new SG Optimizer plugin is a bonus for optimising all those product images etc. Couple that with a CDN for the part of the world where your customers are and you will have a very fast and pretty well optimised delivery for very little effort.


    I changed from Bluehost to Siteground and have found them to be very helpful when I have questions. Their options to aid in speed are terrific, from minification tp picture size automation to CDN….pretty nice.

  1. I host probably 80% of the sites I manage on SG. They have been great in the most part over the last 8 or so years I’ve been using them. I currently manage 4 VPS servers, and 18 shared packages of various grades with them, running about 55 sites I think. The inode restrictions are a bit tight on the shared hosting, which you will notice if you are running a large site with many processes for users (like an LMS on WP or similar) and the cloud hosting is great, nicely scaleable, but the overload/autoscale system doesn’t work brilliantly, so you do have to manage it and keep an eye on loads.
    The recent changes are disappointing though. The once brilliant support is now being eroded, and the new interface is problematic for folks like me that try to automate processes, etc. It’s designed for the “average user” I guess. I’d still recommend, but not as enthusiastically as I did maybe 2 years ago.


    There are a lot of people happy with SiteGround. As they say though, there is no smoke without fire… and no other host gets anywhere near the number of complaints. This may be down to the number of users on each service though, the more people using a service the more there are to complain and Siteground sure does get recommended a lot. Ultimately the huge renewal price after the signup period put me off along with some negative reports so I went with a cheaper host here in the UK 18 months ago and have been very pleased so far.

  2. They are good but their support used to be much better. I struggle as they can become a bit pricey after their introductory offer runs out, but web design friends and I say just put up with the cost. Always on the lookout for something comparable.

  3. SiteGround is quite good but prices can be high in the following years. You can consider DreamPress, or VPS like Vultr, DO, UpCloud (+ GridPane or ServerPilot as a control panel). In addition, Closte is also a very good hosting in terms of performance. Although its pricing is a bit complicated, I find the invoice reasonable.

  4. I like them. Excellent support. Good people. One con is the Cost, but how much is your time worth? If you have one or two problems where you need support you will welcome the price.
    Just in the last week, I have assisted 9 clients in moving to SiteGround. We pack the files, transfer, optimize cache, install SSL and every one of them come back and say “why didn’t I do this sooner”
    Speed is awesome, support is decent (I don’t need support), pricing is acceptable.
    All this coming from someone who ran a web hosting company for 17 years with 5k+ clients. I am VERY picky about who I recommend.

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