Is SiteGround Best WordPress Hosting?


Is SiteGround Best WordPress Hosting?

I am in the process of changing my blog from to I had a premium WordPress account with my own domain. I am thinking of using SiteGround for the hosting.

SiteGround for my WordPress site (with Elementor Page Builder and WPAstra Theme)? And why or why not?

Is SiteGround Best WordPress Hosting

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    Throwing my hat out there for Cloudways. You can have multiple servers running on a single account, from a $10/month 1gb Digital Ocean Droplet, to a huge $2,000/month AWS instance.

    You can segment off projects by bandwidth, move sites among your servers, and choose your hosting locations nearest to the site’s business.

    They offer varnish cache, redis, and elasticsearch packages to deploy for free. Their support is so-so and I’m not entirely sure about their managed security. Also, they scale up very easily. To scale down, you have to start a new server and then transfer the site, which isn’t difficult, but Kinsta and Flywheel make scaling way easier.

    I run my company’s sites off Kinsta – which is fantastic, but expensive. But I run all of my freelance clients off of Linode servers on CloudWays.

    All this is to say that you could run a fairly complex hosting operation with a centralized panel in Cloudways where sites with heavy traffic or bandwidth are afforded their own instance and lower volume sites are grouped on a singular server. It makes charging for hosting more flexible as well – a 100 visitor a month site should not be charged the same for hosting as a 50,000 visitor a month site, IMO.

    Get CloudWays


    FlyWheel or WpEngine is really good, but it’s a little pricey. SiteGround is fantastic, and customer service is available by phone or chat almost immediately every time I need them (a person answers within 30s), and their pricing for shared hosting is competitive. we moved away from InMotion Hosting because the support wait times got to be 45 minutes to an hour for phone or chat.


    I’d say with Siteground you’re probably pretty safe. I bought my domains from GoDaddy (because they were cheaper there) and moved them to Siteground. It’s so much easier to manage them, install the SSL certificates, etc.

    Plus, if I run into tech issues, the Siteground tech support can figure it out, instead of asking me to ask the domain provider to do XYZ… that gets crazy, fast


    I migrated my site to them earlier this week – and I’ve been amazingly impressed by both the increased speed and the customer service. Despite warnings that it could take up to 48 hours to do, the whole thing was done (they did the migration for me!) within 5… I went “GoGeek” just for scalability as I need a fair amount of space for pdf & art storage.


    My client had about 5-6 sites in HostGator and those were affected by malware. HostGator refused to do any help. Then he came to me and I provided him with my own cloud servers. Now I’m hosting around 20 servers for him in my cloud servers. I’ve soured on SiteGround. For folks with lightweight sites and ok with 1.5-2 sec load times, I still use SiteGround + Free CloudFlare CDN (for security, not load times). For sites with lots of traffic and <1 sec load times, I use CloudWays reseller.

    The one consistent complaint I've heard with SiteGround has nothing to do with performance. However, I’ve heard that the first year (or whatever) is a low cost. The second year, however, costs go up a lot AND they automatically debit your card maybe a week (+/-) in advance. Otherwise, I’ve only heard good things! I just so happen to not use SiteGround, so I have not experienced this. I may even be misunderstanding the complaints I’m hearing.

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