Is Elementor Slow? How to Speed Up Elementor Sites?


Is Elementor Slow? How to Speed Up Elementor Sites?
I chose elementor as page builder months ago because I heard the hello theme + elementor would be lightning fast.
Now my website loads +5 sec on every single page.
And every website speed consultant I come to say that I should never have picked elementor, but instead a theme like GeneratePress.
Is this really true? I don’t want my site to load pages +5 secs. I want them to be loaded under 1 sec and best if under 0.5 sec.

Is Elementor Slow How to Speed Up Elementor Sites
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Ali Akkas 3 months 1 Answer 0

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  1. Is Elementor Slow?

    Most of our Elementor sites load in 1-2 seconds, some under a second. If you need nothing but performance, don’t use a pagebuilder or any generic theme that may include code and functionality you don’t need. Custom build your theme off of a boilerplate like underscores. If you can’t, then you’ll have to pay an actual developer to do it. If you don’t want to spend thousands doing that then you have to accept the compromise.

    How to Speed Up Elementor Sites?

    Recommend compressing your images to a lower native resolution, and serving up webp images instead. Also implement page caching, lazy load, server caching, etc. A good host or WPMU plugins should help.

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