Is Elementor becoming bloated?


Is Elementor becoming bloated?

I saw a post recently about it slowing down.

As Elementor add more and more features/elements, what are they doing to keep performance a priority.

Will Elementor become another bloated beast like the “premium” multi-purpose themes on Themeforest or other builders like WP Bakery (Visual Composer).

Has anyone seen evidence of this?

elementor page builder bloat

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  1. I think most people don’t know how to use page builders and WordPress it self. Look how many people come to this group with problems editing their websites with cache on. I picked a website these days that the client installed 34 plugins, many with duplicate functions. If you look at some posts here, most of the people do the same.

  2. I run New Relic on my servers which monitors your applications response times, database queries, plugins, ect. I’ve noticed that Elementor headers and footers always take the longest response times out of any other plugin or theme. Elementor Ajax function are also a culprit. My team has been running tests monitoring this data comparing it to sites not using a page builder. Elementor is the only page builder we have used, in the past we built all custom sites, so we can’t compare this data to other page builders. We do know elementor uses a lot of resources that increases the browsers response time.

  3. Another analogy, Elementor is like a Swiss Army knife. You have a wide variety of functions all in one tool. You might be able to open the blade and the screwdriver at the same time and use each end. But, if you open all the blades at once, it becomes unusable to do anything.

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