How will cPanel Massive Price Increase Impact You?


A couple months ago there was lots of talk about cPanel raising prices for web hosts.

I don’t know much about the subject but I’m curious to know what has developed with this. There were lots of people who seemed to be upset by it, but I was not affected (as far as I know). I had even read about some big hosts, such as SiteGround, developing their own cPanel in response.

Recently I deleted a few cPanels from my VPS account due to a hack and some performance issues. I’m just wondering if I should hold on to my cPanels as much as possible due to the fact that my host could begin limiting them or charging for new ones.

Nobody is talking about this anymore and I can’t find much online about it either. What’s the latest?

 How will cPanel Massive Price Increase Impact You

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  1. Siteground‘s move to their own panel was, from their point of view, rather smart. The new custom panel might retain a lot of unsatisfied clients as it is incompatible with the “free site migration” many other hosts offer new cPanel clients. So now people have to do their own site migration – well beyond the technical knowledge of many hosting clients!


    I always thought cPanel license pricing was flawed. Didn’t make sense to me. I could see the product was used to exploit customers. I don’t like price increases, but I think this one for cPanel is for the greater good. There will always be a way to provide discount hosting. I don’t think cPanel wants to be in that market and it’s a tool that is supposed to reduce overhead. The customer shopping for 2 or 5$ a month hosting just isn’t a fit for us. It’s not a sustainable price point where quality and performance can be sustained. The online marketer is willing to spend for quality hosting and cPanel is most definitely trying to shed the implied purpose of their product as it’s been used to coral accounts for decades. And rightfully so. I can’t blame anyone for doing it. The math seems to make sense at the outset. I think their goal is to provide, deliver an improved, adaptable product. I can only imagine how chaotic supporting a product developed to cram clients onto a server can be… Big changes coming in hosting

  2. The long and short of it is that cPanel used to be “unlimited accounts” on a server. The one licence ($25/month) covered as many accounts on a machine that you wanted.

    The new change is that $32 gets you only 100 accounts, and $44.50 would get 250 accounts ($5 per 50 additional accounts).

    This creates an issue from a host perspective with regards to resellers, as they could easily have 600-800 or in some cases 2,000-3,000 accounts on a server.

    This is a MASSIVE increase for those guys, and you can be sure that this has to get passed on to the end user somehow.

    When I ran my hosting company, we had over 400 instances (dedicated servers and VPS machines). So if you only look at the BASE price increase going from $25 to $32, that’s $7, or $2,800/month ($33,600/year). Essentially, that’s an employee!

    The big issue for most is that there’s nothing NEW being added, it was just “hey, here’s new pricing that starts in 2 months – good luck!” – and that was a problem.

    Some hosts have raised rates, others have not. It’s still being talked about by many hosts, but then again, quite a few have already jumped to other control panels.

    Thankfully, I don’t have to worry much about this these days. After 18 years, I sold my company 6 years ago, but we still have about 100 accounts we maintain and manage with my new company.

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