How to Speed up WordPress Website?


Hello dears…

Any ideas how to speed my WordPress site …

I used autoptimizer plugin and wp fastest cache …

What I can do else?

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    Basically  WordPress Website Speed Depends On Following Factors:

    1. A Good VPS hosting
    2. Do Image Compression
    3. CDN For Local Delivery
    4. Caching For Browsers

    How to Speed up WordPress Website: Ways to Reduce Load Time:

    Here’s my top list that i use to usually rank 95% or above on GT Metrix:

    1. A good host that uses SSD / NGINX or Varnish Or LightSpeed For Example A2Hosting, TMDHosting
    2. CloudFlare CDN.
    3. WP Rocket or Swift Performance For Caching
    4. Robin Image Optimizer (this is new and awesome by the way and Completely free).
    5. A Clean lightweight, but powerful theme such as WPAstra, OceanWP, GeneratePress
    6. Minimal number of plugins.

    That’s All You Need To DO For A Rocket Speed WordPress Website.

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    How to Speed Up the Avada WordPress Theme?

    • What works for one site, maybe useless for another. Its plugins, and scripts which make options not work the same. No two sites will be the same…if you get complex with the settings.
    • Generally, Avada performance options do different things than wp-rocket.
    • Lazy load often does not work with things, plus, it’s only useful if certain images are heavy. Typically I never use it.
    • Emoji scripts disable if not used.
    • Load stylesheets in footer often aren’t appropriate for all sites as it can make the site look funny for a split second while loading.
    • On all Avada sites I activate all settings in the dynamic CSS and js area.
    • As for the rocket, never use minification unless you know what you are doing. Most all files are minified and doing so twice causes issues. If its an option, combining them can sometimes improve speed. Often not as the combined size can be too large to download fast…hence why all files in Avada are small…so they download fast.
    • Browser, Page cache, or DB cache is typically a good one to enable.
      GZIP sometimes can make things faster. Often not.
    • There are dozens of other optimization options I can’t get into, but these are the basics… don’t minify. Use browser cache. Enable the Avada performance option. It’s a rare circumstance you can just enable all options in your cache and have a faster site. Keep it simple is surely key…and always remember 70% of the problems you may encounter, are due to improper cache settings.

    Mobile Speed Optimization In WordPress:

    Have you enable separate cache for Mobile devices?

    Can you enable Critical CSS (Optimize CSS delivery)? well, it can break on some website but if it does not break yours then try it. Be sure you check every element and buttons on every page.

    Combine and Minify both CSS and JavaScript.

    I know we have been told that a multiple small CSS/js files server faster on HTTP/2 but well google still considering the minimum numbers. You might test by yourself if it really makes a big difference or pretty close to each other then you decide what you prefer. Good scores or Good speed? But if they are pretty the same then you may choose to pleased Google.

    Remove jQuery Migrate. Load JavaScript Deferred. Safe Mode for jQuery.

    You can say that I enable the most on this page even though they suggest to do not enable some. You see sometimes the Good Scores is not always equal to Good Speed (most of the time) because WordPress is a complex website build from many plugins from many developers so we can’t control it from the ground up. We just try to re-packaging it (with another plugin). This page you have to be aware that every setting can break your site. To enable one -> save -> test you site and do like this with every option. Slow but sure. It is easy to fix if you know what causes the problem. If something breaks and you enjoy fixing it you can disable cache and look at which JS or CSS is not working properly then you can put them in the Excluded Files. If it is hard to find then just disable options above.

    Have you Enabled LazyLoad for Images?

    Because Google says you have not or maybe it not working properly. Which image optimization you use to generate WebP images? You have to check the WebP Compatibility in WP Rocket. Disable the WebP delivery by your image optimization plugin because now we will let Rocket to handle it!

    Some of the settings might conflict with each other so you have to try and test try and test. Make sure it does not break your layout on both desktop and mobile. It will take lots of time and tests.


    Install WP Rocket (You can find YouTube videos on how to set it up), second for images size them correctly Josh has a great tutorial on how to do this on his YouTube channel or his blog, install some type of image compression(, and run the website through Cloudflare( it is really easy all you have to do is switch out your hosting DNS servers to Cloudflare) This should speed it up rather quickly.

    Get WP Rocket


    Your hosting company is probably 50% of your speed problem. Image compression and caching 25%, tweaking site, and using a caching plugin to reduce requests 15%, theme & plugins 5%. Also, try using a CDN – Cloudflare (free) or Bunny CDN (low cost) – especially if your host’s servers are not located in your area or country. There are tons of videos on Youtube to walk you through this. I use Wp Rocket caching on many sites – works well. Short Pixel Image compression to reduce image sizes and Astra Pro Theme.

    Quick steps to speed up your WordPress site:

    • Download a cache plugin. Wp rocket is my preferred choice. It’s a paid caching plugin. Some free ones are W3 total cache
    • Get a CDN. I like to use Cloud flare
    • Get Better hosting: I recommend Site ground, Cloudways, Liquid web, Flywheel.
    • Compress your images:  I like to use shortpixel. App sumo has a deal on this
    • Lastly, minify your HTML/CSS and JavaScript

    Use google analytics. They also provide how you can optimize your website. Optimize cache and your images. Webp images format will mostly help you.


    How to speed up WordPress website load time?

    1. CloudFlare – if your traffic is only from India don’t use it
    2. Better Caching both Server and Page caching (WP Rocket or Swift Performance if you’re using LiteSpeed server – use their Plugin it is best)
    3. ShortPixel for image optimization
    4. Flying images for Lazy loading if you use WP rocket lazy loading it is optional
    5. Flying page for Preloading internal page loading (optional)
    6. WP Asset clean for dequeue bloat

    I bought WP Rocket and have installed it on one site with Cloudflare. Everything is now much faster! Shortpixel to reduce the image size. Then wp rocket or swift to speed up wp. Switch to VPS hosting if you want to go further, but it’ll require some learning.

    How to speed up Siteground WordPress site?

    SG optimizer + WpRocket + imagify (optimize In photoshop first) + If you need it clearly pro (little known but fab If you know how to use it) + Cloudflare.


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