How To Speed Up WordPress Website Loading?


How To Speed Up WordPress Website Loading? Looking for some advice regarding a slow loading WORDPRESS WOOCOMMERCE website.

I have WordPress latest version installed, WooCommerce up to date also. Running storefront theme. PINGDOM results with Woocommerce activated and not activated has a difference. All other plugins has little impact.

Is this simply just a slow hosting service? I’m using HOSTGATOR.

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  1. You need to understand what’s affecting the speed – quite a lot of the speed tests will give you some idea of what’s causing the problem. have you used any of the speed test sites like gtmetrix or pingdom etc?

    For a start check your website theme, Astra is currently the lightest and fastest out there.

    You need to scan your website using website speed checker, and look a little bit deeper what causes your website load slow. Do some changes to the things that impacts your website speed.

    2 common things to start to speed up your website:

    1. Optimize all the images that you uploaded to your website
    2. Minify your CSS, JS code, and HTML.
    3. Go a little bit further and deeper.
    4. Remove videos from the homepage and put on an inner page.
    5. Update PHP
    6. Update WordPress

    There is no set method which works on every site. Each site has its own demand and one needs to identify the needs. There are free tools like GTmetrix etc which can tell you what is making the site slow. Having a good web host is a must with a premium cache plugin like Wp rocket. Usually, a few tweaks like lazy load comments and disabling gravatar can create huge differences. For me, it reduced the time by 2 secs almost and from 3 to 4 secs I came to .8 to 1.30 sec. Identify the need first and see what can be done or hire a developer.

    If you want lightning-fast speed, I recommend switching over to Oxygen web builder. You’ll need to learn a bit more technical stuff but it will be SO worth it. I’ve never looked back.

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  2. Probably for the shitty host HostGator. I switched to InMotion Hosting and all speed issues were resolved. Try find servers that are located in the place where you want the most traffic. once you have that then use something like CloudFlare. Getting it on a CDN (content delivery network) will help increase the speeds. Have you installed any caching plugins to help speed it up? Also, get it setup on cloud flare, real easy to do and you can even take advantage of a free SSL for your site with it.

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  3. Not knowing anything else about your setup, it is the hosting slowing down your website. I compared a Woo site with it on and off on my Digital Ocean with Server Pilot. My page size is twice yours and the longest it took to load was 2.01s. That was with a server wait of 1241.2ms. I still have two clients on a InMotion VPS, and I loaded that site and it took 3.48s with a size 4x your site, and it was “slow” with a server wait of 2391.1ms.

  4. Did you check your images ? both product and slider images ? single product or general ? if general general is your hosting plan might not OK for it? Most time plugin might not be the issue also change the theme you are using to GeneratePress WordPress Theme.

    If your TTFB is over 2 seconds, you want that to be significantly lower, like move a decimal place lower. HostGator though is not really known for its quality hosting or its quality support… I wouldn’t say it’s the hosting at fault here without seeing the site but it’s definitely not helping you, I’d plan to find a new host.

    Slow servers response time hugely impact the speed, you need to change your hosting to more power and fast CPU I recommend CloudWays with DO High CPU optimized droplet. And also enable WP ROCKET WordPress Cache Plugin.

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