How to Fix the HTTP Error 503 for Divi Theme?


WordPress + Divi = 503 error. 503 error _ admin-ajax.php
Hello, we have been making divi websites for over 4 years now and we are running over 200 divi websites. For the last year we are facing a problem: when editing the website I get 503 errors.
Lately it’s getting worst and worst. When I am editing a website and the visual builders loads, one out of ten times I get a 503 error. This is because of a server overload.
So I am searing for a solution for over a year now. Today I bought a completely new server at SiteGround . I installed plain 2 wordpress websites and divi without any extra plugins.
Now when I start editing the website on 2 computers I get a 503 error! I tried disabling the entire heartbeat, but still I get 503 error.
Conclusion: divi is getting so heavy after all the updates that even a siteground server is not able to run wordpress+divi
So what must I do? Leave divi and go to elementor? I have 150+ websites that keep giving errors because of divi.
Does someone have a suggestion? Does someone encounter the same problems?


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aliakkas38 4 months 2021-08-15T21:20:39+00:00 1 Answer 0

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    Its a maintenance mode error. you’ve done something whilst a plugin is updating or something similar. just delete the maintenance file on your server.

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