How to Accept Recurring Payments in WordPress?


Hi there guys, any idea on how to do recurring billing on WordPress? Woocommerce subscription plugin is quite expensive. Any alternatives? Also, some alternative methods use the stripe payment gateway, but the stripe is not available in my country.

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aliakkas38 2 weeks 2021-10-05T02:48:46+00:00 2 Answers 0

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    1) not sounding harsh but it’s worth the investment if you want a real successful shop. If it is making less than the yearly fee, not worth your time.
    2) what about PayFast?


    We tried woocommerce sub also and finally stopped to use is because of issues (mainly shipping, woo sub is creating its own shipping class for sub products which lead to conflicts with other plugins).
    If you want, we tested sumo subscription and finally adopted it. One payment of 49$ and no other fee, not recurring payment to use it or get updates. Really great plugin which is working fine. Just care, you’ve to translate it by yourself if you want an other language than English (easy with poedit) and as payment platform you can only use PayPal or stripe (but it’s the two main platform for recurring payment with woo actually).
    You can also simply use PayPal sub buttons. Not the best as nothing will be linked to the website and everything will be with PayPal but it’s free and still could help if no other solutions

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