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  1. It all depends on what type of hosting you have with godaddy if you can use a third party ssl. Your best bet would be cloud flare since you don’t have to install the ssl on a server.

    If you have cPanel shared hosting, I believe they still let you upload your own cert, which you can generate manually using LetsEncrypt etc. Non-cPanel like Managed WordPress does not have any way to upload certs, you have to buy theirs. You could use Cloudflare to have them serve over HTTPS and not need one on the server itself.

    I have been through this with over two dozen of my clients still on GoDaddy. They make it EXCEPTIONALLY difficult to self-install Certs. AND, they will only offer MODERATE assistance when installing theirs, offering a paid SSL-installation upgrade. GoDaddy is the worst. They will cripple the self-installed Certs.
    I DID use Cloudflare for the SSL on GoDaddy for two of my clients, but, it is a pain in development AND, it leaves an insecure trip to and from Cloudflare, so not really 100% secure (my clients are financial).

    You have to pay their extortionist rates until you decide to leave. I despise GoDaddy. Most good hosts with Cpanel offer Lets Encrypt with free SSL

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