HostGator vs DreamHost?


HostGator vs DreamHost? I like monthly payments and many other providers don’t offer that. I literally tried over 10 hosts and every single one of them SUCK. Period other than these 2 mentioned above i didn’t checked. HostGator or DreamHost which one is best for great performance, especially for WordPress Websites.


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  1. Please don’t do HostGator or DreamHost. Both are oversold and terrible all around as a hosting companies. I’ve had numerous clients on both and the nightmares have been endless over the last 7-10 years.
    After experiencing a host going south literally overnight – a couple of of hosts (HostGator being one of them), I won’t pay for a year up front, because they usually don’t refund you your money if you decide to leave. If you’re looking for cheap, you get what you pay for. There are plenty of hosts that do monthly and not annually. They won’t be HostGator cheap, but they’ll be a better product.
    And if you are using your hosting for eCommerce, you REALLY don’t want a cheap host.
    I love LiquidWeb and An Honest Host. However, LiquidWeb no longer does shared hosting, and only does VPSes, dedicated servers, and WordPress Hosting.
    HostGator or DreamHost

  2. Just my 2 cents, but picking a web host with monthly vs yearly payments as a decision factor isn’t the best idea. Not only because monthlies end up costing more, but mainly because this isn’t indicative for the quality of service. Be it $5/mo or $50/yr – you end up getting exactly what you paid for as other said above.

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