GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review: Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks?


GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review: Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks? We recently updated our website built by a developer with a custom theme. I recently learned that all hosting companies are NOT created equal. Wow. such a no brainer to have a hosting company also provide some critical managed services we so need. What we really need is security updates, caching, optimization, backups, Woo and WordPress support. At first glance, I am looking at GreenGeeks. Any suggestions, insights, or other things we would need to know about GreenGeeks? thank you in advance.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review - Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks
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    I will suggest WPX Hosting, they have suitable packages for this traffic and security and speed are best for the money. GreenGeeks are not suitable for your case. They are more for startup projects. Unlimited resources are a marketing trick to sell you a package and then will limit your traffic not to crush their server.



    Are you looking for someone to manage these services or just for a hosting company? Most hosting companies will offer basic updates, some security, and daily backups, but depending on what type of support you’re looking for, you may be better off sourcing an agency to manage some of these services for you! It all depends on your level of technical knowledge, your budget, and your expectation of services to be managed.

    Check with Flywheel. They are starting a new program where they will do updates for you. Most decent hosts will provide backups, server level security and basic optimizations like HTTP2, PHP 7.+, server level caching, etc. Most of what you seem to be wanting is a maintenance/support plan not really a hosting plan. I provide that type of maintenance for my clients that I create websites for but generally don’t accept clients just for maintenance support but a lot of people/agencies do. I don’t think you are going to find everything you want/need in just a hosting plan. I would proceed with great hosting AND a maintenance plan if I were you.

    I have never used Green Geeks, WP Engine or Kinsta. I know quite a few others that have or still use WP Engine or Kinsta and have good things about them. I have heard mixed reviews on WP Engine. Some love them some not so much. Have heard nothing but good about Kinsta. I’m not familiar with Green Geeks and don’t know anyone that uses them. I personally am a huge Flywheel fan and moved all my clients to them a couple of years ago.


    There can be a big difference between “managed” WP hosting and maintenance. Managed hosting generally means that the host handles updates for you, but many hosts only update WordPress itself, but not themes and plugins. That is by design because sometimes a new version of WordPress breaks themes or plugins that aren’t yet compatible with the latest WP version. That happens more and more, for example, some of our clients updated WordPress and then couldn’t get into their admin area. The issue turned out to be that the Slider Revolution plugin version they were using didn’t work with the latest version of WP. Updating the plugin fixed the problem, but that’s just one example. Situations like that are why it’s good to have someone handling maintenance and updates for you…not necessarily a service, either do that yourself or have someone you trust to handle it if you’re not comfortable.

    If your requirements are security, caching, optimization (in that order) I recommend Kinsta.


    GreenGeeks was the first host I know that offered WHM to casual clients on, basically, shared hosting. It was fun to play with but pretty underpowered.
    Fast forward to a few years ago to a client on standard GreenGeeks hosting who’s site was cripplingly slow. I got her bumped up to GG’s max shared hosting package and the site was still white screening and timing out.
    Turns out that like GoDaddy and not many others GreenGeeks heavily throttles “disk I/O” which is basically throughput between disks and processors. You can’t raise the I/O to useful levels for a busy photo or processor-intensive site.
    Comparison: when I moved the to a different host with comparable specs but no I/O throttling her site performed just fine.
    The point of all this is that if you resell GreenGeeks to your clients you may be subjecting them to similar arbitrarily low throttling.
    So I’d recommend choosing someone else for WHM reselling.
    But I really recommend continuing to encourage users to purchase their own hosting from a list of companies you’re comfortable supporting. (In my opinion, not GoDaddy or GreenGeeks though that’s just my opinion.)


    I signed up for a test account several months ago. I wasn’t impressed. Their speed is about the same as other average and mediocre cPanel hosts.
    If speed is important, you’ll probably be looking at $25+ / month for one site. Most of the faster hosts run Nginx instead of Apache + cPanel. Kinsta or others in the same class provide some of the best performance for WordPress.


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