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  1. Gravity Forms:

    Gravity forms is a complete form management solution for WordPress. With Gravity Forms you can build complex powerful forms in minutes with no programming required! Contact Forms for WordPress Just Don’t Get Any Easier than Gravity Forms. With Gravity Forms plugin you will be able to create simple contact forms, advanced forms with logical conditions, forms with file uploads , questionnaires and surveys form , order forms or registration forms. And even modules to create the post of WordPress . It sounds complicated, but it is not. In reality, the visual editor is very intuitive and the options are organized very clearly.

    Ninja Forms:

    This plugin is particularly easy as it adopts a visual procedure for creating the various modules. Once the plugin has been installed, you will already have ready-to-use module templates that can be customized. Obviously it is also possible to go and create new modules starting from scratch. All in a visual environment and with a simple drag and drop.

    Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms:

    None of these above. Costly with multiple addons need to install. Fluent Forms for me. One time payment and lifetime usage for unlimited site. Blazing fast then any other WordPress forms plugin I’ve been gradually learning how to extend it with custom fields and actions, so as a developer it is my preference.

  2. Gravity Forms is great. I would avoid Ninja Forms as they tend to have a LOT of security vulnerabilities reported. You can message Gravity forms with exactly what you are trying to do and they can tell you whether it’s possible with their plugin.

    We have also answered gravity Forms vs. WPForms vs. Caldera Forms? Which is the Best WordPress Forms Plugin?

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  3. Depends what you need the forms to do. I’ve built some insanely complex but satisfyingly elegant tools with Gravity Forms and would highly recommend – provided you’ve got the logic straight in your head of what you want it to do Gravity is v easy to use. I’m sure there are cheaper free options out there for more simple forms.

    WP Forms if you’re looking for free with premium upgrades available.


    I use gravity forms (because I’m already acquainted with using it) and I find that Elementor Page Builder  works good with it as well and it allows me to customize my forms as well. If I decide not to use that then I’ll try other forms (depending on the situation and client).

    Fluent Forms Pro by a mile (I own most Ninja addons and have a lifetime Gravity licence…) But Nowadays I prefer Fluent Forms. More flexible and powerful, stellar support and docs and Lots of free stuff the others make you pay for, like columns, layered conditionals, lot’s more. Stable through upgrades (Ninja and Gravity updates have required recoding CSS before… not good when you have dozens of client sites in maintenance and absolutely avoidable in both cases even if breaking changes are sometimes unavoidable). WP Fluent Forms Pro is cheaper than most contact form builder out there (that needs to be said). And worth it for us at our agency.


    I use Gravity forms a LOT. You can do what you’re describing with the free version. The only thing it can’t do (unless you code it yourself) is send the amount to Paypal. You do need the add-on for that. I’ve used. Ninja forms, as well, and they Paypal add on is $50 for a single site. If the client’s needs change in the future, you could be needing to purchase more stuff down the line to pull off what they need. Personally, I love GF, and the dev license was paid for within the first three months. One you buy the dev license, you can use it (and any/all of the add-ons, current and future) on as many client sites you like. You have to renew the license yearly, but it’s been absolutely worth it to me.

  4. I’ve been using GF for years and always happy with it.

    The API, confirmations, notification, conditional logic, dynamic parameters are awesome.

    If you need to control your forms with some logic, then GF is a good choice.

    If you just need a basic form that collect data and send emails, you still can use Contact Form 7 or other choices in this thread.

  5. I used Contact Form 7 for a long time – I found that it just wasn’t as client friendly as Gravity Forms, was showing validation errors over time to clients which would just lead to confusion. GF also allows for integration with payment gateways which is why I found myself using it to begin with. If you ever need to set something up like a donation form that integrates with for example, it’s very straightforward and easy to set up.

    I’m on the anti-plugin boat as well but when it comes to contact forms I keep to using plugins as clients will often want to make or start new campaigns and will need to be able to generate contact forms on their own. You also save a ton of time – much like my reasoning for using ACF. I would suggest using a plugin like GF when it comes to contact forms.

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