Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Alternatives?


Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Alternatives?

Have a client currently on GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and I’m very unimpressed with it. Constantly having problems with them, some plugins don’t work, and very slow performance with Avada Theme.

The site doesn’t receive heavy traffic but has a large portfolio of images and PDFs. A small amount of user login for employees (less than 20). I’m looking for suggestions for managed WordPress hosts with decent CDN/caching, staging, backups, email, and auto-updates. I don’t want to have to manage the server myself and they don’t have anyone on staff capable of it themselves.

Ideally around $30-40/m, but can be a bit flexible if the host is great.

godaddy managed wordpress hosting alternatives

The Best Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Alternatives?

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    I am not surprised. GoDaddy is garbage. You will be much better off with Cloudways, WPX Hosting or Siteground. Once you have moved to a better host be sure to run GTmetrix tests to see what is slowing down each site. Then work through each area methodically. Dump the Avada theme if you can and switch to a faster/lighter theme such as GeneratePress or OceanWP. Also, consider WP-Rocket plugin (or similar) to prevent scripts loading where they are not needed. Finally, keep the email and hosting separate where possible and switch your clients to Office 365, Google business mail, or some other reputable provider. These simple steps should massively improve site speed and stability and also client happiness!

    Get CloudWays

  1. Avada is a very heavy theme. For clients I have worked with using that theme or similar, I put them on a VPS with at least 2 CPU’s and 2+ GB of memory. I’m not advocating for GoDaddy and I’d rather advocate for myself, but GoDaddy will definitely be able to provide a VPS. It’s important to understand the problem. It’s too easy to blame GoDaddy when really it’s highly likely your WordPress config is bloated consuming more resources than available. Not GoDaddy fault but a common symptom of WordPress themes and plugins. WordPress alone performs fine, nothing special. It’s a combination of the theme and the plugins and a shared hosting configuration that isn’t capable of supporting an Avada and all the dependencies shoved into the /plugins directory.

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