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GeneratePress VS DIVI? Which is better? Anyone experienced please share views, Client wants to use GeneratePress(I never used GP)

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    Generatepress is a theme, Divi is a builder. I reckon Generatepress is lighter and Divi easier to use. Generatepress could be considered a light builder as it does have some extended WYSIWYG building features.

    I think each theme has its own advantages. If you are looking for a theme that has pre-designed templates, pre-made layouts, and also contains an awesome page builder that can help you in making the designing process lot easier then go with DIVI. But, if want a theme that is simple, easy to understand, and is lightweight then I think go with GeneratePress.

    Going with a client who is demanding the theme framework you use to deliver a solution to them, (when they’re supposed to trust YOU to be the expert) may not be the best situation.
    I’d tread lightly here if I were you.

    Wish you the best in either solution you choose! I only purposely design within Divi, so I’m unfortunately unable to speak specifically towards GeneratePress.

    Just a thought before you pick the solution. Maybe you and the client can spend some time to map out what the site should look like/contain. Wireframe it (either pencil and paper or something more formal) but outline the intent and general design of the site. Then you can take that design and look at each “theme” / builder to see which may be a better fit to implement the vision…. and don’t forget to include what the future may look like for the site (in other words future enhancements). After that, the answer may be more evident.

    You need to sit down with your client, outline objectives, and then based on that you’ll see what the design & functionality should be. Only after you have a clear vision of what needs to be built you can grab your toolkit.
    We can’t really help you because we know nothing about the project. Yes, GP combined with GenerateBlocks is lighter, but it doesn’t mean you can’t build 1-second websites with it. All my Divi sites hit the Core Web Vitals targets.

    So speed is just a matter of optimization and good hosting. That’s not the deciding factor here. Instead, you should focus on design, functionality, and the website future. But this would mean you need to sit down with your client

    Divi had a major speed update where they are getting fast load times

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