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Hi everyone! I’m putting together my WORDPRESS website for my resume writing business, and I’m having trouble figuring out my services page. I want people to be able to order my services from my site, and then when the order is ready I want to invoice them via e-mail to get their payment. I would want to send their resume via email in a protected document format that they get access to after making their payment. Does anyone know how I can do this? I’m also wondering if this will negate the need for an SSL on my site? I’m making $0 right now, so I need to keep costs low for the time being. I already signed up for GoDaddy Hosting, which charges for SSL. I tried WooCommerce but I can’t figure out a way to use it without having the payment section on my site.

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  1. If i were you I would move from GoDaddy for more reasons than SSL and will file charge back if refund doesn’t worked. GoDaddy seriously sucks!! Yes you do need a SSL – this isn’t just for eCommerce sites anymore.
    If you can cancel GoDaddy and move to a Good WordPress Host where the SSL is included that could save you some money. With respect to using WooCommerce, the stripe functionality is free. And pretty easy to configure. Or you can look into Easy Digital Downloads, this may work for your use case. But back to the hosting, please don’t pay for a SSL, as it’s not needed and further, don’t pay 2-3 years for hosting!
    EDD may work with PayPal and you could go that route. Woocommerce also works with PayPal.

    Again I Recommend Find hosting that gives free ssl, there are many. You can also forget Forget WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads and Take orders using forms. You need to get paid before you work on CV’s, there is no such thing as protective document. People can read and steal your ideas and write themselves.

    Remember If you don’t have an SSL certificate, when someone visits your website using the Chrome web browser it will show a big fat NOT SECURE message. That’s not something you would want to have potential customers see.

    Checkout Which WordPress Hosting Offers Free SSL. For WooCommerce I Recommend Of Using Cloud Hosting instead of Shared Hosting. Also Never Forget To Take BackUp With The Best WordPress BackUp Plugin  and don’t trust your host for the backup. After setting up your WooCommerce Store Give Time On Speeding Up Your Website Because No One Love A Slow Website.

    All The Best

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  2. Since You’re Having Godaddy Hosting With SSL, You Can Just Install WordPress With Woocommerce Plug-in, Convert Your Resume Doc To Pdf With A Password Protected, Then Setup A Product On Woocommerce For Virtual Delivery Then Add A Note On The Product To Mention How You Are Going To Deliver The Protected Pdf File. Add The Product Link To Any Of You Designated Page, Collect Payment And Let Woocommerce Send The Invoice Out To The Buyer. Of Course, You Will Need To Set Up The Payment Gateway In The Settings As Well.

  3. GoDaddy does not allow free certs. Well, they do, but in the end, it is not worth what you have to do. Either move your site to another host or Pay their extortion. I would move from such a host if you can. I know too many people who have had problems with GoDaddy. Siteground is good for a small site, and their customer service is good and they do free SSL with Let’s Encrypt. On the downside, it’s a lot more expensive after the first year.

    You really do need an SSL though, as increasingly websites without them are getting blocked by browsers, or your viewers get messages that your website is unsecured.

    Where should you move from GoDaddy?

    SiteGround, definitely, or A2Hosting, InmotionHosting, GreenGeeks, or hundreds of other large, medium, and small providers! Even fricking HostGator is now offering free certificates!!! There is exactly zero justification for anyone as pricy as GoDaddy to be charging for basic SSL/TLS certificates.


    Visit SiteGround

  4. Simple Steps Of Selling Services With WordPress:

    • Move to some other WordPress Hosting, leave GoDaddy instantly. They are costly by all means. You can find plenty of good and cheap hosts with free SSL.

    • The user can use WordPress Contact Form for the order.

    • Use compression tools like WinRAR and put password. Provide password when you receive the money.

    • What about bank transfer? or some app like TransferWise, etc. There are plenty.

    Checkout the comparisons between contact form plugins: Gravity Forms vs. WPForms vs. Caldera Forms? Which is the Best WordPress Forms Plugin?

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