Formidable Forms Vs Gravity Forms?


Formidable Forms Vs Gravity Forms?

My Gravity Forms subscription is coming up and recently I have been hearing good things about Formidable Forms. Just wondering if anyone here has experience of both and which they would recommend?

Formidable Forms Vs Gravity Forms
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    It depends on what type of form you need. If it’s simple I go with WPForms and if I need something more complex I goto Gravity Forms or Formidable Forms.
    Have you tried Formidable Pro? Their Docs have almost every time covered my queries to the last detail and very wisely so.

    Gravity Forms vs Formidable Forms

    I’ve been using Formidable Pro for years and we’ve done some pretty incredible things with it. I think it, however, it really comes down to what you are comfortable using and what is the right fit for the project. I used Gravity Forms once because it had a Salesforce integration add-on that made my life a lot easier on a project. Building and styling the forms took me longer because I wasn’t used to it, but in the end, it saved me time. Right feature, right plugin, right time. Formidable has some really great features. As does Gravity. Neither is perfect. At the end of the day, we’re better off than they both exist.
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    I’ve used both plugins and I think both are great. That said, I chose Gravity Forms because at the time (2011 or so) I needed a certain functionality that Formidable Pro didn’t offer – it was easily accomplished with Gravity Forms hooks. Can’t even remember what it was; for all I know, Formidable Pro may offer it now as well. But since I’ve never found a need that Gravity Forms couldn’t fill, I haven’t gone back to Formidable Pro.

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    I had a subscription to Gravity Forms for two years and for me, Formidable Forms does everything I need it to and is a better value when measured against the total cost of ownership. I’ve also thought people use it in place of plugins like EDD, to spare loading another plugin, and turn a familiar plugin into a lightweight shopping cart. But let’s be honest: EDD is superior in every way because it’s intended to serve that purpose. I think where Gravity Forms shines is its hooks, filters, and maybe support. If those things are that important to you as a developer, I see why you hold it above the other contact forms.
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    Ninja Forms vs. Formidable Forms

    • Not sure what you are after exactly, but Formidable Forms and Contact form 7 (free addon) both work great for me. Formidable is better for more complex stuff. Both work well with MailChimp.
    • Formidable Forms is the best WordPress form plugin. Ninja Forms is good but not appealing. I don’t want to style everything. Formidable looks fine since the time you start building. 
    • The backend is pretty clean too. I used gravity forms and Ninja Forms previously but not anymore as it’s old class and takes more time to customize. Formidable Pro is great, Has a visual style editor too. You can also export/import styles.
    • Formidable is as easy as a UX but with a small learning curve, you can do almost anything. And it always works. And store reports on the server in addition to emailing.

    Ultimately, Gravity, Formidable, and Ninja are all doing very similar things, whichever one has the workflow and licensing options that meet anyone’s needs will be a good choice. It’s great for us as developers to have them all competing to be the best. 
    I recommend Formidable Forms


    I use formidable and find it works pretty solidly for me. I make heavy use of repeater forms in one implementation. I haven’t actually contacted them in over a year, but I suspect they struggle with being a popular plugin and quite a small team. It’s basically non-existent if you’ve used a hook or filter, which is the case in just about every form I’ve created. That said, they’re friendly and helpful enough outside of that. 
    Ultimately, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, and Ninja Forms are all doing very similar things, whichever one has the workflow and licensing options that meet anyone’s needs will be a good choice. It’s great for us as developers to have them all competing to be the best.


    I just bought FormidablePro this last week, and am getting used to it. I think it’s great so far. The interface is very clean and mostly intuitive. It’s easy for a first-timer to build forms, and it exposes enough that developers and advanced WP owners can really exploit it. I did use Chris Lema’s post and chart to make my decision, and FormidablePro won, for my specific needs. 


    Curious about Formidable Forms. I am building my own site (learning WP & Elementor). It will be a directory site, so I need a good form to accept business users’ data, a payment system on, and then a good way to view the businesses in a directory. So far I am happy with Elementor and the landing page and article pages and county pages I made. But working with forms, databases, payments, and views is all at a higher level. Formidable Forms make claims to do all this, but I am curious if others like the plugin — or if you have other ideas I should look at. Thanks! 


    Gravity Forms doesn’t have repeater fields and the Repeater Add-On doesn’t seem to work with conditional logic for User Registration. Formidable Forms has repeater fields but has other bugs/implementation holes that make it unusable for me.
    It seems odd that I’m the only one finding these issues – or that I’m the first. How many of you use form plugins and, if you don’t, what *do* you use?
    This all started from what seemed a simple requirement – allow a user to register an account and (optionally) register as many pieces of hardware as they have purchased, with the product chosen from a drop-down, a regex verified serial number with an input mask, and date of purchase.
    Am I missing something? Are my expectations too high? I guess I’m looking for your experiences and how you’re working through similar situations.


    Gravity Forms For me but why Gravity Forms?

    it wasn’t the technical differences in the plugins. It was the fact that Gravity Forms was the one people were talking about whichever way I turned. The WordPressers I trusted and looked up to were using it and swore by it. So that was good enough for me. I didn’t even bother looking for alternatives to Gravity Forms.
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    Depends on what you need the forms to do.

    I’ve built some insanely complex but satisfyingly elegant tools with Gravity Forms and would highly recommend – provided you’ve got the logic straight in your head of what you want it to do Gravity is v easy to use. I’m sure there are cheaper / free options out there for more simple forms but if you want to do some really cool shit Gravity is the Dog’s Bollocks.
    Gravity works fine – I have some basic forms and ones that process payments on different sites. Formidable if you’re looking for free with premium upgrades available.

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