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  1. What version of Avada theme are you on?
    If 7.2 what previous version were you on before 7.0 upgrading from?
    Be absolutely certain you have deactivated ALL 3rd party, plugins and ALL cache ones as well and clear several times browsers caches. Deactivate Jetpack it causes issues often.
    Are you logged in as admin and have registered a token for Avada and can see that is ok under the Avada dashboard page itself. A green Registered OK should be there.
    Check also no red messages in your Avada status if so, upgrade them if it is red for things such as Vars, PHP, memory etc.
    You may have to upload fusion builder and fusion cache via ftp into your cpanel Theme plugins again manually, first delete old ones if there.
    Once you upload go back to avada plugins and activate them.

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