What is the fastest WordPress theme?


What is the fastest wordpress theme? Until now, we’ve been using Avada, Divi, X, BeTheme, etc but they are just super bloated. When searching for theme suggestions, mostly the big themes like Avada Divi, X, BeTheme “pops up” because many of the “Top 10 WP themes” articles are just affiliated links to the most popular – and Avada Divi, X, BeTheme is popular BUT very inefficient in terms of running a fast, simple b2b website.

Being “the most sold”, “the most popular” etc. obviously doesn’t mean “the fastest” or “the most efficient” so what you guys are using?

fastest WordPress theme
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  1. I extensively used Elementor with OceanWP. Changing photos is extremely easy with Elementor. However, if you are not using the Pro version you might come across some issues especially when you need to add custom CSS or add custom fields.

  2. Astra is fast and not bloated with unnecessary code, etc. Hello is bare bones and you will have to invest more time and learning effort to build the basics (header, footer, …) of your website. With Astra (and GP, OWP, etc.) you can build all of these within the Customizer. Of course, when using Hello you’re probably also using EPro so there are lots of templates and building blocks to choose from. Astra offers fully built theme sites ready to go. Literally plug and play. Can have a site built in less than 1-2 hrs. Not sure hello has any built out. For free too.
    There is no speed difference between Astra and Hello. I tested it on my site with a blank page, switching between the two. From my understanding, Astra has better back end integrations for other plugins, such as woocommerce, etc. Whereas hello needs coding added to it.
    Hello Theme is too empty for me, there are hardly any options in the Customizer so you will need to write all CSS yourself, font-family, font-size, color, line-height, … All that can be easily done in Astra from the Customizer.

  3. Elementor is SLOW:

    Elementor outputs trash code and it’s slow and heavy. I wouldn’t put that on anything if you care about speed and clean code. Oxygen builder is the best right now but you have to know some CSS. It takes skills to learn to use it. All my sites score almost perfect scores and low loading speeds from the beginning. Don’t blame a tool for you not knowing how to use it. page builder + theme can make your website slow. Oxygen out of the box gives you the most optimized code of all page builders + theme builders. I have several sites on Elementor and Oxygen and let me tell you I now HATE Elementor. Elementor is SLOW.

  4. Eementor pro hello theme

    I’ve been happy with Elementor Pro and the Hello Theme. I’m sure there’s faster but it’s pretty fast and faster than 95% of my competition.
    Get Elementor Pro

  5. Avada WordPress Theme:

    Avada is the number one best-selling WordPress theme of all time – at least at the busy ThemeForest marketplace.

  6. Divi WordPress Theme:

    I made a super simple blog with Divi and no unnecessary plug-ins. Loads super fast. You get easily fooled by everything you “need.” Just scale it down and keep everything as simple as possible.
    Buy Divi Theme

  7. Out of the box, WordPress is a bit bloated but easily streamlined. Believe it or not, the default 2017 theme is the least bloated I’ve come across, out of the box, and is easy to customize and load consistently under two seconds.
    I use the GeneratePress theme with a variety of Gutenburg addons. That setup works well for us. Previously I only use Genesis Framework and themes and recently moved clients site from some Themeforest theme to GeneratePress and did nothing else and they’re Organic improved. Using generatepress on LiteSpeed WordPress server and it’s loading in 0.8ms.
    Buy GeneratePress Theme

  8. I just did a quick comparison between Avada and GenratePress with “everything equal” (so GeneratePress still using Fusionbuilder from Avada setup) => testing frontpage + one of our product pages in GTmetrix. Avada frontpage (fully loaded 1,3s, 809kb, 130 requests) vs GeneratePress frontpage (fully loaded 0,9s, 382kb, 98 requests). Avada product page (fully loaded 1s, 720kb, 123 requests) vs GeneratePress (fully loaded 1,6s, 444kb, 106 requests). So not much difference in speed, around 50% data reduction in page size and 20-25% less requests in favor of GeneratePress – but also slower load time for the fully loaded product page for some reason.
    Unless I need something with niche-related features, I use GeneratePress (with Elementor for websites).

  9. I’m running my site on Divi and combined with WP-Rocket it gets 99 PageSpeed and 98 YSlow ratings on GTmetrix. Can’t complain.

  10. While it is possible to have a fast-loading website with Avada, I would recommend GeneratePress and Beaver Builder for even better results.
    Visit GeneratePress      Beaver Builder

  11. I’ve got a few websites with avada loading fast, page average 1 second or a little less, hosting : wpengine, wp rocket + perfmatters + avada performance settings configured + CDN

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