ELEMENTOR vs DIVI? I’d like your opinion as designers on what has been your experience with either, so which allows for more creative freedom? I am wanting to change web builders and would like to know first-hand experiences on how you value Divi vs Elementor.

After so much review with Divi Vs Elementor, I am planning to use Elementor Page Builder for my eCommerce site. Since, I do see comparably more elements to use also it has a free version also, personal plan of $49/year. Please suggest, Maybe you have been experienced with Divi and Elementor for WordPress.


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    Elementor has a free version that’s why people prefer it. Whatever Elementor pro offers, Divi also offers. It depends on personal preference. Divi offers lifetime membership.
    Recently Divi introduced woo builder. Divi recently introduced Divi Marketplace. Lately a lot of companies offering great add-ons to the Divi Community. for example Divi Supreme
    I was interested to use Divi because it is available at a lifetime affordable price, but I tried the demo, it was good but I felt something missing compared to Elementor. Elementor is always my favorite. Divi is not a bad option, many love it, but some Divi websites are sluggish to load, If you can afford the yearly pricing of Elementor Pro, that’s the best option.
    If you used Avada, that is very similar to what I used before, which was ThemeForest BeTheme, almost identical to Avada. Their own builder Muffin as well as Avada’s a bit more advanced Fusion builder as far as I remember. What you are looking in Divi and Elementor will come down to just tiny details, neither is right or wrong, one has a lifetime license and the other one does not. Both have tons of plugins that add to the mix, which is always bad to go with because you depend on more things. There are companies that build plugins and their whole business models are based on these two-page builders. They are pretty serious about it. Yet, when WordPress 5.6 comes out like it did now, you have to wait until all your plugins in the chain update their bugs with the newest WP version. The more you go down the road, the more difficult is to maintain your sites.


    I have used Divi since 2014. Bought a lifetime license the same year, and have not bought any other client licenses since then. I have saved that money 10 times over. The community is great, as well as all 3rd party child themes, hacks, tricks, and plugins. And about load time, I have made Divi sites that load in 0,6s.
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    I have been a happy user of Elementor, and it’s my second option to go, but my first choice is Brizy Page Builder because it can do 3x-4x more custom websites within the same time.
    With Brizy, it’s easy and fast to design a website and you get the best possible results in less time. If an API is not a must for you, (they plan to deliver it in a couple of months), then go with Brizy.
    Divi is a dinosaur, Not intuitive at all, and really hard to get that creative design from your head into your page. I feel only those who have paid the lifetime license for Divi or those who fear the change say Divi it’s better because they are in denial.
    Brizy also has a lifetime deal for unlimited sites (that’s a plus if it doesn’t make you enter into that “denial state”

    Brizy vs Elementor: Which One You Should Use?

    If you like the interface of Elementor, then you are going to love the Brizy interface. It’s as natural as possible. A monkey could create a beautiful website with it. Brizy’s development is way too slow compared to Elementor or even Divi. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it’s buggy, last time I tried, has compatibility issues with other plugins.


    I’d rather ask you to try Oxygen Builder. It has a lifetime, it’s faster than both Divi and Elementor. It produces clean, lightweight markup far less than Divi and Elementor. And obviously has everything you need.
    It’s partially a drag & drop builder, I mean you cannot drag widgets from the left panel and drop-in content area like Elementor but you can drag n drop widgets only on the content area.
    It’s well known because of it’s lightweight markup and speed. Also, lots of functionalities are built-in, so you don’t have to rely on 3rd party addons.
    And yes, people who can code can use the full potential of Oxygen. But designers can also get creative with it. I feel like they can improve the UI to make it more designer-friendly, I don’t like the UI btw. And I think Divi is quite good at the UI level, their UI interactions are really awesome.


    I used to like lifetime deals but nowadays things change so fast that’s product innovations lifetime might only be 2 or 3 years and then you go looking at the newest greatest thing.
    If the lifetime deal is < or = to 2 or 3 subscription years, I might consider it. But typically too, devs who offer lifetime tend to do so because they don’t know how to create, or their product suffers market value.
    Soflyy, the company behind Oxygen Builder is an exception. It is getting better and better. The original v1 users were given free upgrades to v2 and beyond.


    I’m actually contemplating swapping out Elementor for Oxygen. I bought the LTD for Oxygen when the hobbyists and enthusiasts were having problems with Elementor 3.0 a while back as a backup in the event Elementor really started to fall apart. Then I started reading up on Oxygen. I hate to say it (because I’m pretty much invested in Elementor and swapping clients over is going to be a major haul) but Oxygen, from a code standpoint, and removal of superfluous junk standpoint is a better platform.
    Two things to consider when choosing a page builder like Divi, Elementor, or Brizy:

    1. Google updates are going to keep refining and redefining the way we do sites. SERP is going to demand better performance out of sites or penalize those that underperform. So far, the page builders can’t tackle this because they’re built on the idea of adding to or modifying secondary code (the theme) and accommodating whatever plugins are required. So you essentially have core code running alongside theme code running alongside every module that can’t be switched off and plugin code required to make the site run. It’s a wasteful process.
    2. Themeless WordPress will be the future of this product with edits in Gutenberg.

    So with that in mind, Oxygen or a product like Oxygen will be the future. It replaces/disables the theme altogether and post-design page edits run inside Gutenberg (which is extremely helpful if you need to give ambitious clients page editing access but don’t want them to foul up the design). The caveat here is that all my clients that ask for editing privileges hate Gutenberg — but seem ok with seeing and working with the layout inside Gutenberg. So one way or another making Gutenberg appealing is the challenge.
    Avoid Elementor and Divi. They make slow bloated sites. Learn to use Oxygen or Gutenberg. These are the future of WordPress, not page builders.


    I am not biased about page builders, speaking about Divi & Elementor they both have a similar sort of mechanism, they both have frontend modification, section duplication, copy styles in just clicks.
    The best thing about Elementor is it comes free and for pro, you have to pay yearly for regular updates. Divi comes with a lifetime membership just pay and forget it.
    I like Divi cause they always keep on coming up with new features and it’s more user-friendly to build your pages. I like the global header and footer.
    I love and hate both. It’s probably because I have not made a full commitment to either yet and learned it 100%. I find Divi sites look prettier out of the box and Elementor seems to generate slightly cleaner code.
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