Elementor Vs Divi For SEO And Speed?


Elementor Vs Divi For SEO And Speed? If sites created by these are set up correctly is there actually much difference in speed when using Elementor over Divi?

I come to Elementor cause my DIVI site was slow but I’d had freelancers working on it and don’t think it was created the best. I have a lifetime subscription to Divi. I’m now seeing some people complain about Elementor being slow and I’m thinking that if I learn Divi and create it correctly using their modules if it would have been any different, speed-wise, to Divi. What are your thoughts?

 Elementor Vs Divi For SEO And Speed

Someone who had a look at my site said Divi was the issue and Id had so many different freelancers messing about with it so I decided I should build the site myself so I know exactly whats going on with it. I was advised to get elementor as it doesn’t have the same issues as Divi. I also hadnt really got to grips with how divi works. So I got a years sub for elementor pro even though Id bought a full license for Divi. Ive got to grips with elementor and I like it but Ive seen a few posts about elementor being slow. Now Im thinking should I of just built my site from scratch with Divi and learned that.

Divi site that has been built with freelancers through upwork mainly. My new elementor site is on a staging domain but Ive not done much on that yet. The backends the real problem – when I click on page builder or to open a page it takes a loooooong time to open. I think some sections have been created without using divi modules at all which probably hasnt helped. I alsoi think theyve just added plugins instead of finding a way to do things with Divi so I have a lot of plugins and I dont know which do what. Thats why I decided to do a new site on a new domain from scratch. I just cant be sure if any of the wordpress coding has been messed with on this.

I’ve also read that Divi has a steeper learning curve to master. I never got my head around it but elementor I picked up really quick. I think thats got to be a factor for me too. If its going to take a lot longer for me to build the site with Divi then maybe that should sway me into elementor

If you guys had a lifetime subscription to Divi or a years subscription to Elementor Pro which one would you choose to build your own companies website. Lets just say your skills were identical on both divi and elementor.

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    I used Divi up until a year ago. Every time an update came out, people we’re posting in the forums that things broke and didn’t work right. Lots of complaints about rushing releases. Too many too often. And every time things broke, Nick Roach would post in the group to say the developers were working on the problem.
    I now have Astra Pro theme. I can use it on unlimited sites and I can start a new site with Astra and the free Elementor. Then move to Elementor Pro when needed.

    Get Astra Pro


    One of the first things I noticed on the Elementor user sites was most of the comments were, “How do I…?” instead of, “Why am I having this issue…?” on the Divi sites. From that comparison, I came to the conclusion that Elementor seemed to have fewer glitchy issues. I also find that Elementor offers more built-in customization and features. I started with Divi – built 3 sites on it – and bought a lifetime license. I was introduced to Elementor, thanks to a client’s template preference. Now, I only use Divi to update and maintain those first sites. (One of which I’ll switch over to Elementor soon.)


    Your page speed is dependent on much more than just which builder you are using. I’ve seen fast loading times on various builders. To save you time I’d just pay a one-off fee to someone who can get you fast loading times,, I’ve also seen fast loading times with free & premium speed plugins, in my opinion, it’s how they’re set up and used.

    I don’t think that your PageBuilder is the issue. I worked with so many of them over the years and I was always able to get loading times between 1-3sec. Maybe your hosting environment is already slow or you are using way too many plugins or you have oversized pictures all over your site. Without a link I can only look into my fortune-teller-glass-ball and guess around.

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    I’m subbing on a divi build at the moment. It’s dreadful. I know that’s not the question, but I feel you guys will know my pain.
    Most of the time elementor is fine. Once in a while if I make an update to a page I’ll have to logout and log back in to see it loaded up on the page.


    Real-world example – I have built about 30 sites with elementor. This week someone asked me to help them with SEO on their site. I logged in, and it was Divi. The backend is SO slow. It’s like it takes up extra processing power for my PC, and the PC lags. And my pc is pretty powerful. This slowed down my process to the point that I suggested the site be redone in Elementor.

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