Elementor vs ClickFunnels


Elementor vs ClickFunnels

I’m curious if anyone has worked with ClickFunnels? I have a client wanting to use Click Funnels so I just watched a 2-hour course from Blake Nubar about setting it up and I don’t really see how it’s different from what can be done with Elementor Page Builder.

In fact, every example I’ve seen made with Click Funnels kinda looks like it was made in the 90.

Which I wouldn’t buy from because it looks scammy…

I feel like I could still make a better-looking and equally functional sales funnel using Elementor – and that using them together would just slow the site down…

What do y’all think?

Elementor vs ClickFunnels

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  1. If you’re a website designer there is no reason to use Click Funnels if you use WordPress with Elementor. Elementor is way easier to use than Click Funnels . Especially when editing the mobile version…seriously Click Funnels is such a headache.

    I think Click Funnels might be easier to update for a non techy client though.

    And with CartFlows there is no reason why you cant do 1 click upsells

  2. Does Elementor slow down your site?

    It’s not slow, you just don’t know how to optimize, that’s different. Go try any other editor, unless you go for Oxygen, it’s going to be the same. Even tho, Oxygen is very limited, so, in the end, you can just do a very simple design in Elementor and achieve the same. Optimize Images, Use Gzip Compression, Don’t use video and audio, Minify CSS, and JS use JPG or SVG or WEBP, Use Cache Plugin. Try bunny CDN. super simple setup and they can optimize on the fly and the speed of your hoster don’t matter anymore

  3. I attended a webinar offering ClickFunnels with a 30 day free trial. And after all, was said and done, I ended up using the trial period to learn the different funnel strategies and creating my own funnels on my website and YES I was able to create required Landing Pages better with Elementor.

  4. UpsellPlugin.com and Elementor will allow you to create sales funnels just like you can inside Clickfunnels, but for a fraction of the cost. See here – https://youtu.be/2ErDOHj90Ac

    If you then bundle that with an email automation service, it now gives you an opportunity to offer a maintenance plan where YOU collect a monthly retainer instead of the client paying ClickFunnels.

    Truthfully, a client shouldn’t care how a sales funnel is created. They should really only care about results.

    Talk about the results and the systems that you will put in place to help their business grow. No need to stress on the tools that you’ll be using to get them there.

  5. I would say it depends, if you want something that works and quick and clients can make edits themselves and it’s a platform built for funnels then CF is great despite what everyone will say.

    If your clients have money to hire folks to manage WP/hosting/problem-solving…etc then WordPress+whatever set of plugins you find to achieve what CF offers.

    Never listens to the biased opinions, marketers are flooding the group.

    It’s like Woocommerce¬† Vs Shopify. Woo is great but it takes a lot of work and experience to build a fast and converting store while Shopify was built from the ground up for eCommerce. Do I want to recommend Shopify for eCommerce? no, but I have to be fair and do just that because it’s really better for most cases, for clients.

    I love WP indeed but I will always be fair when comparing it with other solutions despite what page builder or a plugin is mentioned.

  6. Clickfunnels is more than a web design tool but all the example landing pages i’ve seen that were created using it look awful. Maybe ok to sell some cheap product or service on a temporary basis but not suitable to represent a real business or brand on an ongoing basis.

  7. The difference is that Clickfunnels is not just a page builder. It’s bundled with other tools needed for marketing. Autoresponder integration, upsells, payment, webinar, membership, analytics etc. For Elementor, you’ll need to install separate plugins for each feature.
    For me, I’ll always go for Elementor. I don’t care if I need to install 10 plugins to achieve anything I need.

    I’ve used both and I can tell you that Elementor is lighter and easier to use.

    If Elementor can allow people to submit their designs to their template library and people can import in their projects, it will have more advantage because someone like me will be dedicated to designing funnel pages and anyone can use it to build their funnels without thinking about anything as Clickfunnels.

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