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    I considered both and went with Elementor after reading several reviews on one versus the other. I like Elementor a lot and they’re always making updates and changes. I think Elementor has become a standard as far as page builders go. I bought 4th pack of Elementor LTD (LifeTimeDeal) paid addons collections plus I bought Microthemer for visual CSS editing – now there isn’t almost anything you can’t do it within Elementor and even without the need for coding.
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    This really comes down to you. Your needs, your requirements, what you are comfortable using. I personally use Thrive Architect for everything I do, but that doesn’t mean it’s “best” for you.

    Elementor Pro Vs Thrive Architect


    Both will get the job done. Thrive Architect’s entire goal is to not just build pages but build conversion-oriented pages. That matters. Buy just pick one and get good at it. That will be the best one for you.

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