Elementor Pro vs Divi Theme Visual Builder : Review with Pros and Cons?


Which is better for new web design. Elementor Pro vs Divi?

I’m new to working with WordPress. I would like to be able to customize my website beyond the pre-made templates WordPress offers. How well do they both work with GoDaddy Web Hosting? Are they worth the price?

I checked both of their sites and don’t see a toll free phone number. How is the support?

Does Elementor offer a lifetime option yet as Divi does?

Elementor vs Divi Review Pros and Cons

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    I started with Divi and loved it. Still do. But at the time, they didn’t have WooCommerce features so, I started using Elementor. It is great, too. I also tried Oxygen Builder. That’s also a powerful builder, but you’ll need to know a fair amount of code. More on that if you’re interested.

    Now that Divi has added WooCommerce and a theme builder, I’ll probably use Divi from ElegantThemes  and Elementor, depending on the project. They are both great with similar key features. You should try both of them. Give yourself a good 30 minutes to an hour and build the same page with both. That’s what I did.


    I use them both Elementor and Divi heavily for client work. Also, throw some Oxygen in there.

    Both Elementor and Divi or freaking huge resource-wise, so you’ll want to be sure and use asset cleanup to manage resources.

    Elementor and Divi Comparison:

    • Elementor modules/elements are more defined and at times a little “rigid” for my taste.
    • Divi’s modules are a little more “open for interpretation.
    • Both Elementor and Divi has template builders so you can save page layouts and re-use later.
    • Divi UI is more than Elementor.
    • With Divi’s key shortcuts, you have the ability to style a module and then automatically apply those styles to all of the same module types in that row, section, or page.



    I use both and decide depending on client what works better for them. Below is my very personal opinion and experience of the two:

    Things that are better in Divi:

    • There is one theme, that’s it. (Well, okay, there’s Extra, but let’s be honest, it’s Divi that most people use). That also makes it work well in terms of third party development or your own troubleshooting. In Elementor an issue you’re having could just be because the theme is overriding something (well, unless you use something relatively blank like Hello) and in general it makes community-driven troubleshooting a bit funky. Yes, I bet there are some people who would like something a bit more lightweight than Divi, but generally, at least for me, it has its upsides the way it is with Divi. Know how angry people get in here about regularly repeated questions? Elementor groups are regularly flooded with everyone asking which one is the best theme to use with it, even though some of these groups don’t actually allow that question. And there isn’t even a single best answer.
    • Mobile and hover editing for basically everything. Have not missed it anywhere in Divi, whereas with Elementor I find myself missing it here and there all the time. It’s definitely there for the important things, but sometimes there are things like drop shadows, etc that don’t have it and it keeps slightly annoying me.
    • You can change style settings for all headings, body texts, lists, links, etc separately in the styling of a single text box – or any module that includes text, for that matter. With Elementor there’s this weird thing where heading and text modules just have one font style setting and that then applies to all text in that module, so if you want to have a part that is different than the standard you have to make it a separate box so it doesn’t affect the stuff that should be the standard styling. Sorry, don’t know how to explain it better but I hope it makes sense. They do have a separate text module and header module so that works, but I like how in Divi i can just have headings in a normal test module together with body test and edit their styling separately. Also, I’m always missing the ability to style links in Elementor. What if I have a dark background and don’t want it to be the standard link color I set? I mean, in theory, it’s good practice to just define all headings etc once and all of these issues can just be solved with some really simple code, but it would be nice to have it as detailed in the style settings with Elementor as it is with Divi. Especially for clients who don’t know how to just change the color of a link with some code.
    • The community. The amount of community-created content is absolutely amazing and the communities on FB are generally really helpful. I find Elementor’s group comparably unfriendly for some reason, but can’t really put my finger on why. Don’t know what it is. Also, Divi is really well Google-able with its unique name, which makes it really easy to find this content.
    • In the same way, ET’s resources. The blog has solutions and tutorials for many many things. Want to build a membership site? ET has a tutorial for that – repeat with basically anything you can think of. Elementor is doing the blogging more and more too but they’re not on the same level as ET with that yet. On the same note, the amount of pre-made layouts that come with Divi is unbeatable. Not all of them are great, especially not on mobile, and I don’t really use them for actual designs, but they’re great for inspiration and showing clients what’s possible. Also, all of them have multiple pages like about, contact, landing, blog, etc, so you could build your entire website with it. Elementor has pre-style pages too, but many are just one or two pages in one design and that’s it. Many themes like Astra will have additional pre-built layouts though. What Elementor does better here though, is a big library of pre-styled single sections that then all work well together.
    • The way the library can also have single modules without having to make them global and generally also how I can make modules, rows, or whole sections global.


    Things that Elementor does better:

    • Theme builder, theme builder, and, theme builder. I can freely design e.g. the archive pages without needing to touch code, can set a rule to apply it to all archive pages and I instantly have a pretty and customized design everywhere. Same for blog posts, product pages, etc. No sneaky workaround stuff like redirects of custom-built archive pages that just don’t work as soon as the client wants to add a new category themselves. Also, the rules you can apply to it also mean I can make different archive pages or blog post designs for e.g. podcast episodes vs blog posts based on categories, etc. Also means I can make a design for blog posts and the client can then just use Guttenberg or the classic editor, but it still looks really custom. I also like that I can freely design the header and footer. Apart from the freedom in design options, the rules I can apply to them again mean I can easily e.g. have a different menu for pages in the shop or blog than for the rest of the website. Also, there is a pop-up builder inside the theme builder. That thing is really good and Bloom can just not keep up with that. Pop-ups don’t need to be opt-ins, they can be anything that you can also build on a normal page.
      Yes, I can achieve many of those things with add-ons with Divi too (Divi overlays Divi booster, whatever that menu builder with all the ms I’d called), but I can’t natively do them inside Divi. And the amount of third party content (and complaints in here) does suggest there is a need for it.
    • The contact form module, which is basically a mix of what’s the contact form and the opt-in form in Divi – but actually working. It works well for all kinds of things, where I can use it the traditional way or integrate it with email providers, set rules of what happens after they submit, etc. Also, I can just add that module into pop-ups etc.
    • How the number and width of columns is handled, also between desktop, tablet and mobile. You can just change percentages, also for the different screen sizes. So a 6 column layout becomes 2 column layout on mobile – without any coding.
    • Now, this might be because the community of users is different or because im less involved in the Elementor forums, but for some reasons I hear less issues of stuff breaking, stuff loading slow or any other stuff like that. I highly suspect that’s just me seeing more Divi content though, so I don’t know.

    So yeah, they both Divi and Elementor their pros and cons. Right now I am loving the abilities I have with Elementor to customize things much further, but Divi has some really good stuff that makes it really nice.

    Visit Elementor Website            Visit Divi Website


    Divi is best to design a website and also it supports some third-party plugins which are developed by third-party communities but they are completely compatible with Divi.


    Elementor vs Divi:

    Elementor Pro blows Divi away in a few areas. Most notably is that you can build your entire theme with it, including the headers, footers, and single post/CPT templates. Elementor ate Divi’s lunch in this regard. Divi will supposedly support this feature, but who knows when. Elementor also seems to be more extensible than Divi, meaning there is a better ecosystem of aftermarket plugins/widgets for it. Finally, a lot of the Themeforest type themes are moving from Visual Composer (THANK GOD) to Elementor. I expect more of them to do this in the future, and none of them are going to use Divi because there is no free version available. Divi does have a huge advantage of being able to purchase a lifetime, unlimited site subscription.


    Get Elementor Now


    Try Brizy. Seriously, try Brizy. I use the WP, not the cloud, but it is amazing. It integrates well with Asta, Neve, OceanWP and I have used it with Astra (many starter themes there) and now with KadenceWP which I feel is now the top theme out there. The only drawback is that Kadence only has a few starter packs, so typically I will start out in Astra, use a starter pack from them, and then switch to Kadence. Yes, it requires some adjustments, but it works for me.


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