Elementor Pro Vs Beaver Builder?


Elementor Pro Vs Beaver Builder? I have been researching on this topic from quite some time from pricing to the number of widget these builder gives of course functionality can be increased but most people have recommended Elementor Page Builder but when ever i see to some pro WordPress developer he/she uses Beaver Builder Plugin. Why is it that most pro uses beaver builder but not Elementor? Is the size of the page or some programming stuff or something else? I am a newbie so that’s why i am asking this from pro cause i want to have one tool and the best one.
Which one is better Beaver Builder or Elementor Page Builder?

elementor pro vs beaver builder

My plan is to learn Advanced Custom Fields (ACF ) in upcoming time.
Thanks for your valuable time.

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  1. I’m a Beaver Builder Plugin fan, or I was, I still am I guess, I’ve used it for my agency for the last 3-4 years. However, I cannot help but notice how fast Elementor Page Builder is expanding, and all the cool features they are adding.

    I have tried Elementor Page Builder Pro about a year ago and didn’t really like it to be honest. Yes it was cool for all the things it brought to the table, but in the same time, personally, I didn’t feel it was client-ready. I could use it for a personal website, but not for clients.

    However, now, I’ve tried it again, and I’m quite happy with it. So I made the jump and used it for my last 2-3 client projects, and yea .. So far so good. I love it. There are a few things, here and there, that I find, where BB would do the job slightly better, but in the same time Elementor compensates for that in so many other ways.


    Download Beaver Builder Plugin

  2. Elementor Cons:

    • Customer service ain’t as fast as some would want.
    • Transfer style to all same widgets. Applying style over the whole domain. let’s say buttons. you want red instead of green. adopt one and apply over the whole domain to every button.
    • The biggest complaint is that it doesn’t have WYSIWYG. Makes squaring things off a little clunky.
    • Elementor hijacks Google chrome on my Mac when I right-click after having the editor open for a while. Have to save my work and reload the page so my mouse will stop auto-selecting and dragging widgets around for no reason
    • Conditional Widgets / Sections.
    • A/B Split Testing.
    • Mega Menu.
    • Mobile Landscape Breakpoints
    • Search & Filter with AJAX.
    • Tables.
    • The biggest Con is image resizing, not available at all, you need to work your images before using them or hope it’ll fill correctly that’s why this is not WYSIWYG.
    • It still requires AnyWhere Elementor Pro for dynamic custom fields and CPT’s. Not even close to its capabilities.

    I am freaking happy with Beaver Builder. The code is pretty clean and fast loading and you can build anything you want if you understand the Beaver Themer. I used to be a graphic designer of websites, so this just skips the Photoshop, and I build directly in Beaver. Very happy so far.

    Beaver Builder

  3. As a license owner of both (unlimited and Agency), and somebody who still uses both, I will say that there are pros and cons. Neither one is perfect, and both have their own set of bugs.

    Elementor Pros:

    – Elementor has way more modules. When using Beaver Builder, after Elementor it’s almost annoying seeing so few modules to work with at times. Things that would take seconds in Elementor, end up taking much longer with Beaver Builder.

    – Dynamic fields and theme editor all built in with Elementor. With BB you need to purchase a separate plugin (Themer).

    – Elementor has helpful keyboard shortcuts. You can undo with ctrl+z for example. BB you have to use WP revisions.

    – Elementor has a Popup Builder. This could eliminate another plugin completely for some people.

    – Elementor has many more starting templates. This may or may not matter to some, but it’s sometimes nice to have a base starting point for certain things.

    Beaver Builder Pros:

    – While the Elementor updates are more frequent (which I don’t always like), it seems like a lot of them are fluff and all cater to the DIY/beginner demographic. Which I mean, it is a page builder…but important things with Elementor take forever. Such as Font Awesome 5.

    – The dynamic fields/content is far superior on BB. You can link so much more to custom fields. In Elementor you can link a lot of the basic things such as text, links, some images, etc. With BB you can link almost everything; colors, WYSIWYG, all images, links, etc.

    – BB shortcode system is miles ahead from what Elementor has. You can build if statements and so so much with their shortcodes and custom fields. And you can even toss them into a heading module.

    – White label option with BB. Elementor doesn’t have one.

    – Multisite support, and this right here is why I got BB. I simply will NEVER use Elementor on a multisite network again. It sucks. That’s not even an opinion, that’s a fact! BB doesn’t just work on a multisite, it has features built for it! Oh, and the licensing is so much better. You enter it in once, for the whole network. Elementor you need to enter the license manually for EVERY subsite.

    Anyway, both Elementor Page Builder and Beaver Builder Plugin have their pros and cons. Both will get the job done in the end. Yet I think I’ll use Beaver Builder More Then Elementor As My Personal preference.

    Best answer
  4. Elementor Woocommerce Builder:

    The woocommerce integration in Elementor frequently causes significant dynamic process loading when completely unnecessary. This is fine for low traffic sites, but when they reach 50k visitors in a day or more or 1000 simultaneous visitors, that processing adds up fast.

    Elementor Memory Limit:

    Another intriguing thing is that most page builders other than Beaver Builder (and including Elementor) frequently require PHP memory boosts from our default 256M to 512M or 1G, whereas our default tends to work great with Beaver Builder.

    Elementor security issues:

    Elementor following a few years later has already notched up 9 security incidences. Maybe that will improve, but I’d rather have less extra stuff that I think other plugins should do. Beaver Builder has had no security issue since 2014.


    VISIT Beaver Builder

  5. I’ve built over 30 sites (3 with as many as 40 pages) on Beaver Builder Beaver Themer and Beaver Builder theme. I love the platform and have invested in PowerPack Woopack (I’ve done 10 woocommerce sites), UABB, and I have minimal coding skills. I have only had to write for support, maybe 15 times in 7 years.

    I’ve used MemberPress, The Events Calendar, and numerous other plugins for functionality and have had only compatibility issues. And with Beaver themer I can stylize them all.

    I’m sure Elementor fans could offer similar results, but that’s why I love the BB platform.

    Get Beaver Builder

  6. Elementor Alternative:

    Beaver Builder is the best page builder I ever worked with, hands down. Super powerful (esp when combined with Beaver Themer), intuitive, easy to train clients to edit pages, and fantastic support. Beaver Builder stability, reliability, and functionality. Field connections with Themer are crazy useful. BB is also leaner overall, meaning faster page load times. I found Elementor quirky/buggy/unpredictable – meaning I had far more issues with it than with BB. I can see why people like it but…and this is important…there’s far more that goes into a website than how it looks and BB finds a nice balance between whiz-bang features and reliability.

    Visit Beaver Builder

  7. What is Elementor WordPress code bloat?

    When people say that Elementor spits out a lot of unwanted code, how does one know that? Can one not ‘switch-off’ unnecessary modules that cause the bloat?

    I really want to try Elementor but besides hearing this code stuff, I also read somewhere that the official support isn’t that great.


    Beaver Builder vs Elementor:

    Tried both Beaver Builder and Elementor. we exclusively use Beaver Builder for all WordPress sites for clients now. When we inherit one with other builders I am like UGGGGGGGH.

    The real sophistication is in customizability – you can really get the best of both worlds if you already know WordPress theming. and get Themer. You won’t regret it.

    Another important thing is the stability of the beaver builder. They’re not in a rush to add an excessive amount of features which I think will be all the more important as more of Gutenberg is released over time. They’re very calculated and planned in what they do with BB.


    Elementor Price:

    Elementor is actually much more expensive than Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder costs $99 per year (with 40% off renewal, so $60 starting with the second year) for unlimited websites, while Elementor costs $199 every year for 1000 sites.

    Check Beaver Builder

  8. Beaver Builder Support vs Elementor Support :

    Beaver Builder support is some of the best I’ve experienced, and I’m comparing it to any type of other services. The team is awesome! Just hoped they’d innovate a bit faster but prob due to being a small bootstrapped co. But patience is worth it when the product is solid as BB is. (FYI, the Powerpack team run by Puneet Sahalot is really great with support too – it’s a must-use add-on for Beaver Builder).

    Elementor support needs to get your act together. For a client website where I was forced to use Elementor I sent a support request (pro user) and got the reply after 7 days. There is a HUGE difference between Beaver Builder Support vs Elementor Support. Elementor is also buggy and Beaver Builder is stable. Each elementor update breaks site layouts and you have to fix that again.

  9. As a dev I love Beaver Builder, with themer and ACF sky is the limit:) but market and clients don’t know a lot about it, as a wpdev I have to listen my clients and they know and heard about Elementor… For stable reasons, majority, and many advanced stuff I would pick BB, for Clients UX/UI, newest stuff on the market for builder, fancy widgets, extra addons/plugins Elementor for sure… And at the end-keep in mind that I use Beaver Builder Plugin since 2015 and never crashed my site after upgrade… Never! Elementor fire years almost and don’t remember how many times had surprises.

  10. 4 Reasons Beaver Builder Is Better Then Elementor:

    1. Beaver Builder is stable
    2. Beaver Builder is very developer friendly. It have too much hooks and filters. So you can easily edit the default BB modules as per your requirements.
    3. You can easily edit the PRO modules from your child theme if you want
    4. Beaver Builder Themer add-on is awesome. You can build any thing with Beaver Builder themer. You can easily integrate the custom fields(PODs or ACF) with themer help

    Elementor Review:

    I tried Elementor with pro version. It is not too much developer based(as per my knowledge). You need extra add-ons (2-3) to make a custom work. You can’t edit the default E widget’s functionality as per your design. BB is very helpful at this point.

    Who will use the Elementor Page Builder or Beaver Builder it is totally depending on his expert level. So you will use those tools which are more comfortable for you.


  11. Elementor pro, crocoblock and Astra Theme:

    I’ve used Beaver for seven years nearly exclusively but just changed over to elementor a few months ago once I could see how much more I could do with it. I still like Beaver builder, I think it’s a little easier to use but cannot believe what elementor pro allows me to do, especially with add-ons like crocoblock and Astra as well.


    Visit elementor.com

  12. Beaver Builder: The best WordPress Page Builder:

    A shout out for Beaver Builder. Been using it for 4 years and about 80 sites. We have a clean base theme and create our own headers and footers then use BB for the content. We have never had any stability issues, their support is excellent, sites are fast, clients love it. We also use ultimate addons for BB which delivers all the additional functions we need.
    One word of warning for all page builders. The database will become very big if you are doing a lot of changes as all the revisions are stored. Once you’ve finished the site clear the DB out, we’ve had them as large as 609MB which came down to 40 after clearing out the revisions.

    Get Beaver Builder

  13. Siteorigin page builder WordPress:

    Personally I use Classic with TinyMCE and at times, SiteOrigin. I hate visual editors. I personally feel it makes you stupid and relies on them as you need them desperately and not know how to customize in content in the backend. Not just that, I rely on my template to keep everything consistent across the whole site. But hey that’s just one man’s opinion.


  14. Elementor or Divi or Oxygen or Beaver Builder?

    I use both Elementor and Beaver Builder, on a daily basis, and in my opinion, Elementor is better. It has more features than Beaver Builder and a lot more third party support (plugins and addons).

    At the end of the day, you have to go with what feels right. I know people who swear by BB while others swear by Elementor or Divi or Oxygen. Everyone has a favorite.

    If you’re making simple sites (which most are), Gutenberg whites the Kadence theme, and Kadence blocks will work. It’ll work even better once WordPress 5.5 is released. But it’s still not as good as Elementor of BB. Not yet.

    Get Kadence theme

  15. Elementor or Beaver Builder?

    Everyone has a favorite. All do some things very well and some things not so well. Personally, I have found elementor gives me the finest grain of control over my site for builders, but it is also easy to understand for non-web developers. I have also used Divi and beaver and have done sites without a builder. Elementor and beaver are both great. Elementor has a lot more in it’s free so it definitely has more installs than beaver. I love elementor but for past few months, I’ve faced several issues in build n my sites broke for different reasons and I had to work extra to get them fixed, unlike with beaver, which I find far more stable

    Get Elementor Page Builder

  16. Beaver Builder for Beginners:

    I’m not good at one-liners But Beaver Builder appeal to me was having total control over the design of my website without having to be a web/coding guru. I didn’t care if it took me a month to make it, but *I* wanted to make it, and I had a specific design vision. If your target market is someone like me (loves good design, wants total design control, not a coding expert), I’d say to emphasize those points in your slogan.


    Beaver Builder Review For 2020:

    I own all of the builders and I have to say Beaver Builder has the least amount of features. That’s just because they don’t update as frequently. However, it’s also why Beaver Builder is the most stable and problem-free. I use Elementor for my own website because it integrates well with a lot of other software tools I use. But I use Beaver Builder for my clients on Multisite as it’s stable, which makes it fewer headaches for my clients to build and maintain their own websites.

    Although I use Elementor for all my single sites, I use BB because it has great support for my multisite. And yes, I get nervous every time I update Elementor. I can’t count how many times I’ve updated E only to restore from backup. I just wish BB had a few more features. Heck, even if it just had cut/copy and paste. Elementor pushes that about as far as you can and speeds up my workflow considerably. You can even cut and paste from one browser to another.

    Beaver Builder Review For 2020

  17. Divi Theme vs Beaver Builder:

    Divi is really great for do-it-yourselfers who are only ever going to do one site. That’s their target market, I mean. Pros use a Divi too. But it’s got fairly confining “handrails” that make it harder to screw up but also harder to do exactly what you want. Also harder to work fast. Beaver Builder just keeps surprising me with new things you wouldn’t think were possible. That would be sort of alarming for Divi users. It’s why I really like Beaver Builder!

    Divi Theme vs Beaver Builder

  18. Why I don’t use Elementor pro WordPress?

    I inherited a site build on Elementor, and having been used to Beaver Builder I found Elementor to be the biggest, clunkiest, hard to use page builder I’ve ever touched. I’ve not tried DIVI, but do have a friend that swears by it. However, it was the first-page builder he purchased and learned so that always is a bias for using anything else in my mindset.

  19. It might have been just me, but I found Elementor really slow to load the builder especially with a larger site.

    This is purely opinion, but I found the Elementor community immature and developer response within the community very catty. Their business practices seem suspect in regards to the GPL, but that might not matter.

    BB community and developers are very professional and approachable. I’m excited for what’s to come with BB!

    I came back to BB after a short 30-day stint with Elementor.  Beaver Builder Download From Here https://wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version/

  20. Elementor is so powerful and saves me so much money that I’m ok with it even if the page loads 1 second slower. Elementor IS WordPress.

  21. Here is the reality, choose one and learn it backward and forward. They all have similarities. I would ask what is your long term goal? Is it easy for you, customers, assistants? They each some strengths and some weaknesses. You can learn any of them. If you are just getting started, I would look at pricing. Do they charge a one time fee or annual for developers’ license? If you have a specific question, contact each and see what type of support you receive. For a special niche we are in, Divi is further ahead and responds to tickets better than the others. I think that has all to do with what each has for priorities in their individual businesses.


    I tried Beaver Builder Plugin in the past with Genesis. Beaver is built with Bootstrap. I’ve used Bootstrap from v1-3 and it is smooth all things considered. Beaver itself is not. I bought Elementor Pro and its bad news. You want tedious? Elementor is the worst UX I’ve ever had and I’m a Day One devsigner. You want incomplete widgets? Buy Elementor. You want EIGHT levels of divs to display a texbox? Buy Elementor bloatware.

    Get Beaver Builder

    I do not exaggerate. Elementor is going on the shelf in case I need a brochure in the next year and I’m coming back home to Genesis.

  22. I recommend Beaver Builder to clients, but use free version of Elementor for my own site as I get more with that free version. I find BB backend editor more intuitive than Elementor Page Builder. But am slightly disappointed with adding additional products like Beaver Themer that you have to buy separately to get a real beaver experience. I’ve also used Divi Visual Builder and again not as backend intuitive as beaver. IMO. Recently working on a co-volunteer project with a developer that set the client up on, wait for it, visual composer (wp bakery). Developer swears by it. Me, not too much at all, and the client will be very confused when they take over edits on their own; training on wp is going to be a nightmare. All in all I prefer BB. It’s just a more “fun” tool to use, editor easier to understand. More WYSIWYG.

  23. Elementor Page Builder has a huge audience for a reason. If it was “bad”, they wouldn’t stick to it for that long. Of course, you’ll find people jumping from one ship to another. That will always be there irrespective of what product it is.

    I had tried Elementor way back when it was just launched and I used the free version. I had liked it and found it glossy (something that some of my clients would definitely want). But then I chose BB because I had some experience with it and I was quite hands-on with it.

    What I really like about Elementor (and as someone above pointed above), is that they churn modules out rather quickly. That helps a lot when building a site and especially when you don’t have coding skills to make something of your own.

    I notice that other companies making templates, add-on modules etc., keep Elementor as the first choice. Take Brainstorm Force, for instance – their starter sites have Elementor sites coming out first, then BB. This is because they understand the huge audience that Elementor has and they’d rather service them first. That’s my observation.

    You can try Elementor and see how you find it. If you like it, stick with it. If not, then you can always look at other options including Beaver Builder Plugin.

  24. I used the paid version of Beaver Builder for 1+ years. My main complaint is lack of new modules being added by the company regularly.

    I recently started building client sites with the free version of Elementor plus free add on plugins from multiple sources. I have more modules to choose from for free than with paid BB.

    I’m upgrading to the paid Elementor Pro as they have shown they are committed to adding tons of new modules.

  25. Beaver Builder user here. Played around with Elementor and I also like it. What will differentiate the one from the other is the compatibility and integration with other products like custom function plugins, form plugins etc. I find that ability to become more and more important. For visual effects they both awesome.

  26. While great for quick development I’m not sure how these really help the client. As an SEO, which for me is very important, both of these options are less than ideal. Like I say, they help quicken up the dev process but I struggle to sell it clients when it effects such thing as page speed in such a drastic way.

    • I don’t struggle to ‘sell’ it per se, as your right they don’t need to know, but in DO sell them ultra fast, lean sites, which sites built with builders are not. There is definitely way to much bloat in these builders, and when working in competitive SEO niches it can make all the difference.

    • I’m an SEO too. I’ve not had any major page speed issues using Beaver Builder and my sites rank just fine with it. Switched from custom coded themes to Beaver Builder because it’s faster to develop, but also because it’s way easier to maintain and let clients have access to it.

      When you say you struggle to sell it to clients, why should clients know how you are developing a website as long as it fulfills their requirements. I find that plugins and huge images can slow down a website for more than a page builder.


    I tried Elementor Page Builder a few months ago and I prefer Beaver Builder Plugin. But maybe that’s because I use it since 2015 and I know it perfectly now
    And combined with Beaver Themer and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields for WordPress) this is an awesome tool for any WordPress web designer.

    Beaver Builder Pro Features

    elementor vs beaver builder


    All the above are only looking to how it’s used, but not to how the data is stored.

    Elementor stores it’s data just like Divi and and Visual composer: as a bunch of shortcodes that only they can read.

    So you’ll have the dreaded vendor locking.

    Beaver Builder Plugin might be a little harder to use, but at least it saves it data as actual HTML / CSS. So even though it uses the WP database for stuff that it shouldn’t use it for (storing markup), it’s a LOT better then all the competitors.

    If I’d ever use an editor then it’d be Beaver.

  27. Beaver Builder is fantastic and there’s already a huge community surrounding it with to help support/extend. I just found the free version so limiting that I couldn’t get a feel for its full capabilities, whereas I could with Elementor Page Builder and that led to me being to spend the money on it.

    The free version of Elementor is better Beaver Builder lite by far. That then gave me all the encouragement I needed to purchase Elementor Pro. The speed of building fully customized pages with Pro, using no pre-built templates, especially with GENERATEPRESS as the base theme, was incredible. Elementor lacks very little already, and it only just launched that Pro version last month.


    Elementor is moving ahead fast with great usability functions like their search bar, navigator and style copy paste, and useful design features like z-index, absolute positioning, 2 column wrap, hover states etc.These are things that save hours of time when building sites and I would love to see the BB team add needed features over global handling of styles faster.

    I use Elementor and used to use Beaver Builder. I LOVED Beaver Builder and would still recommend it. The case study regarding Beaver Builder vs. Elementor is NOT relevant to determining how well Beaver Builder is doing. A more accurate SEO analysis would entail a search term like “WordPress Page Builder” and then evaluate where the traffic goes after that. Still, that doesn’t indicate amount of paying customers, or growth of product, etc. The example you’ve given is probably best categorized as a Faulty Premise.

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