Elementor Page Builder Review: Is Elementor Worth It?


Elementor Page Builder Review: Is Elementor Worth It? Can I get your review of Elementor page builder?

I’m no coding expert but am learning. I have previously built sites with the go daddy builder, but want to expand to WordPress sites. I’ll be starting with my own. I’ve been googling and watching YouTube videos about all of these for a while, but I’d like to commit to something and get moving.

I want to produce great sites and turn this into my full-time job.

Elementor Page Builder Review Is Elementor Worth It
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    I use Beaver Builder. I can do pretty much anything with it that I need to. Even though it’s a page builder I still use CSS a lot and even HTML when I need to make a custom module.
    Using Advanced Custom Fields I can treat the builder as a theme builder and end up with a site similar to custom coding where my client can’t mess up the design and the server doesn’t get bogged down juggling the content.
    In my experience it’s not the tool that is important, it’s the person using it. Pick a tool and get good at it.
    I am pretty much purely Beaver Builder plus Beaver Themer. They do like 99% of what I need. I just custom code the rest myself :).
    You can rapidly make some pretty sites with Beaver Builder.
    I have used elementor. I would just stay away from anything that inserts bloated codes into your pages.

    Check Beaver Builder


    Elementor vs Divi:

    A builder is just a tool. Sometimes it’s the right tool for the right job, and sometimes it’s not.
    I use DIVI a lot instead of elementor because Elementor is not GPL and costly. There’s literally … an unlimited supply of businesses that want nothing more than a basic landing page kind of website. DIVI allows me to meet their needs for cheap, and fast. I can do a $500 website in half a day if I have the content from them (and very rarely do I start before I have that).
    These are not complicated sites – they just need to look pretty and have a few basic things.
    This also opens the door, down the road, for me to approach them and upsell them to a REAL site.
    I just did a $1k site in 11 hrs. The client is thrilled. I will be able to talk to them down the road to offer SEO, marketing, and “upgrades’. But their budget was $1k, so we worked it out. I still made plenty to be happy.
    I am wrapping up a $3k site, on DIVI as well – basic but information-heavy. The client pays me to maintain it now (client is a long time friend; this would have been a more expensive site if she and I didn’t go way back), too – so there’s a little residual income.
    Of course, these aren’t bespoke. They’re not complicated. There’s a place for those kinds of sites, as well – not anywhere near that price range, though…. 😉

    Elementor vs Divi

    Get Divi Page Builder


    Elementor Pros:

    • More variety of pre-built modules and layouts.
    • A ton of addons for every possible element on a webpage.

    Elementor Cons:

    • Adds about 728 KB of CSS & JS i.e., makes the pages bloated.
    • HTML output will have a number of nested divs – most unnecessary.
    • Elementor does not care about performance based on the dev team’s responses in Github Their focus is on shiny elements, motion effects, and such.

    Beaver Builder is better performance-wise. The free version is of not much use. Elementor free is more featured. If ever think to purchase a pro version get Beaver Builder Pro

    P.S.: I am not affiliated with anyone of them.

    Best answer

    Elementor adds a lot o bloat code and makes dom extremely complex. Oxygen is for more serious developers and working with flexbox is such a big improvement over working in columns in elementor WordPress. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have moved from Elementor.
    In terms of value, I’m saving lots of $ as well with an oxygen license over the Elementor license.


    The world needs to know there is a better builder available in the WordPress Eco-system. Most WordPress builders are known for their bloat, and not just builders but most WordPress themes, Oxygen might change that completely.

    Elementor code bloat:

    Forget Elementor. If you’ve got any kind of tech savvy ness go with Oxygen Builder instead. I switched a few months ago and love it. So much better.
    I experience Elementor is a toy in comparison. You get lots of prebuilt elements with Elementor, but limited flexibility to customize. Oxygen is not limited at all in that respect – if you can think of it, you can build it. Super Flexible.
    It also outputs a very clean code. I mean code that a coder would be proud of. Not that garbage that Elementor puts out, loading tons of unnecessary stuff and resulting in slow page loads. Oxygen pages load lightning fast.
    Oh, and it’s lifetime pricing. One time fee from $99 to $169 depending on the features you want to be included.


    Why not work with WordPress as it is with WP+Gutenberg? Genesis got lots of hooks & filters which make it easy to build and extend it with widget areas etc. Imo Elementor is bloat and if you add such thing, then you do your self and the concept of the framework disfavor.

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