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I’m hoping to clarify some things about Divi and SEO:
On the various promote-your-blog forums, people say you must NEVER create a post in Divi. To do so will slow your site down and ruin your SEO and you’ll never get an audience and never monetize your blog if you use Divi on a post. So here are my questions:

  1. I understand the reason for this is that Divi uses shortcodes. But since it uses shortcodes across the board, why would it be OK to use Divi for pages if it’s bad for posts? Don’t we want optimal speed on pages too? What’s the point of having fast posts if people are going to bounce from your pages—especially your home page?
  2. Does the slowdown differ depending on how complicated a post is? For example, if the only thing the Divi Builder “adds” to a post is a font and a background color, rather than a vast array of animations, sliders, and such (if the post only requires 1-2 modules rather than 50) how significant an issue is it?

Many thanks for any information you can offer.

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    Primary reason you never use any kind of page builder for posts is you’ll need to rebuild more than just pages if you stop using one for another. A website may have 5 to 20 pages. Now add 50+ blog posts on top.
    This is a bunch of bologna. Divi renders html just like any theme. Short codes are a non issue.
    Google will crawl the page as a browser does. The issue with creating posts with divi builder is when you change themes, your content is scrambled as it shows Divi shortcodes.
    Personally, i create posts with the standard WordPress editor (classic or Gutenberg) and the Divi Theme builder for header and footer.


    That is a lie and Divi is great for SEO. Limit how much customization you do with Divi builder (i.e. don’t set 20 options per Module, Row and Section) and setup some basic CSS in your Child Theme for common styling you use. Set CSS for headers, setup a few classes for common button styles, etc.
    Then get a good host, setup a CDN, compress your images (i.e. free RIOT software for computer and ShortPixel plugin), get good caching and make sure you follow SEO guidelines (i.e. a single H1 per post). We handle all this for our clients and have wonderful results.
    The shortcodes isn’t a problem and you can get 1 second content paint loading time. Divi well done is faster than other page builders like elementor and rival non-builder themes like Genesis and popular picks. Main problem is people picking hundred of custom options in Divi Builder on every page instead of a foundation of CSS in a child theme and using the builder for final tweaks.

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