Divi Vs Elementor Vs WPBakery Page Builder? Which One Is The Best WordPress Website Builder?


Divi Vs Elementor Vs WPBakery Page Builder? Which One Is The Best WordPress Website Builder?

Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin to make client business websites? Elementor Page Builder seems to be gaining a lot of traction nowadays. It has come out with some cool features recently that may be desirable in Divi Visual Builder. Some of these features may already be present in Divi WordPress Theme (but less used). Since I’m new to Divi (and I love Divi), is there a comparison chart available?

Divi Vs Elementor Vs WPBakery Page Builder - Which One Is The Best WordPress Website Builder.

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  1. Elementor Pro… Best reason is ..even if you deactivate the plugin you don’t lose your design or data…
    As compared to other two…you deactivate or think about changing the he theme all your work and design is gone forever.
    Visual Composer — Big time Sorry!! Noway

    I have been using Divi Visual Builder and Divi WordPress Theme for well over 2 years now and I love it. Not much used Beaver Builder so can’t really comment on it. But no harm in giving a try.


    I’m playing around with the new player in the market Brizy Page Builder Looks good to me. Easy to use and Free version has tons of features to test the meat. So, can try that also before buying the Pro version.


    I use Beaver Builder and Elementor. I prefer Beaver builder. It’s more logical but out of the box has less funky stuff than Elementor. That said there are so many bb addons you can always get the effect you’re looking for if funky is required. Clients find it easier as well.

    The best page builders are:

    • Most Easy- Elementor Page Builder.
    • Lightweight – Gutenberg Block Editor.
    • Clean HTML Output: Oxygen Builder.
    • Most Feature-Rich: Beaver Builder with Beaver Themer and ACF Pro.

    I prefer creating page designs using Beaver Builder and then create posts using the Gutenberg editor. Note that Gutenberg is the future.


  2. I use Elementor Pro + Astra Pro and no major issues so far.

    Elementor Pro really easy to use (not much learning curve) and probably best in that aspect.

    However, be noted that Elementor Pro does lack few basic functionalities like Display Conditions and Templates.

    And few essential features are available via Elementor add-ons and again that costs some money. But I guess that’s normal for any page builder.

    A positive point is that there are a lot of add-on plugins available for Elementor so typically any functionality can be done if you are ready to shell out some money.

    I have a concern about Elementor  Pro boated code and performance hit. But I can’t say its too much impact for simple projects unless you are trying for less than 1 second page load.

    For non-techies who are just starting, I would say Elementor is good enough to start with.

    Get Elementor Pro

    Get Astra Theme

  3. Just to add to the confusion of this post, I pulled a client this month from some bullshit custom cock ass site to WordPress (WP Bakery) and their rankings soared.

    Granted their SEO was shit before, but they’ve tripled their traffic (to above 400 unique a day which happened over a weekend, triple every weekend before) and it was a cheap build (sub £5,000) for a very expensive industry.

    I’m all against code bloat, but sometimes…

    It’s what they needed, so they could update themselves, and also works.

    I make my affiliate sites as light as I can, but for clients, sometimes you have to waste a few mb of coding bloat to make everyone happy (mainly the client).

    I hope it’s the last client I ever have, but if not, I’ll happily put them on the same platform, as it’s worked for me, for 5 + years, when set up properly

  4. I’ve used them all and each has pros and cons. WPBakery is my least favorite. Divi and Elementor are pretty solid products. Oxygen is solid too but feels a bit clunky in use. Again, each has its features and uses. Every tool has its place.

    Elementor and Divi is the popular page builder, you choose one without any doubt. But I recommend Elementor because it is so easy to use than other page builders.

  5. My suggestion is u try all of it and later stick to the one that make the most sense to you. Each of this page builder has its pros n cons but at the end of the day you are the one that will be using it. So try do your own research because its plenty of comparison articles out there. I’m using Avada BTW and I am aware of the shortcode problem if I switch to another theme. But that most likely will not happen because if its just for changing of design you can still use the same page builder to build a completely different design which is the reason why all these page builder exist in the first place.

    Visual composer tends to slow sites down (sometimes dramatically), and also tends to have more conflicts with themes and other plugins. We dread updating our sites built on Visual Composer because we never know what mess we’re going to run into.

    Divi Visual Builder is great, but Elementor Page Builder is our preferred builder.

  6. I’ve used all three. I prefer Divi and Elementor over Visual Composer. And at the moment Elementor has more relevant features than Divi.

    Beyond that, Divi and Elementor have different user interfaces. One might be more comfortable to you, than the other. Elementor is only a visual builder while Divi has a back end builder and a Visual Builder. However, a lot of Divi users do not like their visual builder.

    As others have recommended, test them both. They are both great page builders. I’m still using both on client sites, but Elementor seems to be the one I reach for first. I won’t touch Visual Composer if I can avoid it.

  7. Elementor Page Builder all the way. I have a client with Visual Composer (WPBakery now) now and the workflow is not as beautiful and easy as with Elementor, it’s way too complicated. And You can get so much more done with Elementor.

    Elementor Pro definitely the most light weight and best page builder I’ve seen. I’m glad thrive didn’t make it your list.

    Remember that these things aren’t separate entities (or at least they shouldn’t be) from your WordPress Install.

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