DIVI Theme Slow or It’s a Myth?


Hi all, I would love some advice. I have a client who has been told by other web designers that she should not use Divi WordPress Theme as it is “clunky and slow” and to rather use something like Beaver Builder Plugin or Elementor Page Builder With A Free Theme Like Astra WordPress Theme

I would much prefer to work in Divi Visual Builder and have not experienced any problems in the past (which I have told her).

Is there any other, more constructive/technical advice I can give my client about Divi? In your opinion?

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  1. Then these Designers never worked with Divi or possibly don’t know how to optimize a website. Just show her some examples of fast DIVI websites. Speed isn’t all about the theme. Check How To Speed Up WordPress Website Loading Time.

    I’ve got BB sites on 90+. And Divi sites on less. It’s mostly to do with your images and Your Web Hosting. Check What is the best wordpress hosting.

    I would be genuinely concerned about the relationship of your client with other web designers and also the source of information she is getting from. Divi is using shortcodes. BUT they’re not right by saying it’s forever. There are a lot of solutions out there to switch from shortcodes once you’ve decided you want use another builder. The shortcodes will work on any theme, but yes the shortcodes are unique to Divi Visual Builder.

    Even if she goes ahead with you, remember this issue will come up in future specially if your client is not tech-savvy. You can tell your client that you can make your client website faster even using Divi plugin as long as he is worrying about speed so you can use plugins and improve speed upto 90 google page score.

    Never Forget To BackUp Your Website Regularly With the Best WordPress BackUp Plugin

    Use the best wordpress cache plugin to enable browser caching and lazy loading for images. Also use an image optimization plugin unless you are optimizing the images before upload.

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