Divi Pros And Cons?


Divi Pros And Cons?

I’ve generally avoided WordPress and tried to stick to HTML, it just clicks with me better. But now I have a client who wants to add content daily, so I’m building them a WordPress page. Does anyone have suggestions on the Best WordPress page builder? Is Divi builder as good as it seems?

What are the pros and cons of Divi WordPress page builder?

divi pros and cons
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    PROS : Excellent for beginners or if you don’t know anything about coding. Nice design and features, not a lot of bugs, user friendly..

    CONS : Backend is Slow when your website is getting heavy in content and plugins. Require some CSS skills or a lot of plugins if you want a real custom website. The theme itself will make all divi sites easily recognizable. Since a 2018 update, the CSS code interface in theme options is really bad, the viewport is too small. Also, if you’re not a fan of the visual builder, they’re not taking the right direction for you.


    Pros of Divi:
    It’s a framework for faster design and development

    Cons of Divi:
    People treat frameworks like the end all be all solution and lack common basic skills like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MySQL


    Oxygen Builder is a great tool for a coder transitioning to WordPress or looking to give their clients a visual editor for ease and to speed up their process, also has some of the benefits of a builder.
    Where it shines compared to other builders is that output code is a lot cleaner, its powerful for custom editing, and the speed of site created by it is faster.

    While Elementor is beginner friendly, has lot of premade widget, good 3rd party support. Oxygen is also lot cheaper compared to Elementor.

    I personally use Elementor because while I know coding I haven’t mastered it, and I am faster on elementor.


    I’ve used Divi WordPress Theme, Elementor Page Builder etc until I bought Oxygen page builder last October. Since, then I’ve been using oxygen to build my sites (and redo other sites I done with the other builders). I absolutely love oxygen, it gives you the freedom to design anything you want as it doesn’t rely on themes etc. It produces very light weight HTML etc. The use of templates and the integration with acf and cpt are second to none. The only con for me is it isn’t fully integrated with woocommerce. You can use woocommerce (I’m doing it on a site now) but you just need to do a few tweaks. When oxygen fully integrates woocommerce, it’ll be a complete game changer in my book


    I used to love Cornerstone, from Themeco. But after three websites built with Oxygen Page Builder, including a re-build of one I made with Pro Theme/Cornerstone, I can’t go back.
    Oxygen gives you full control over your site and it’s super fast loading if you implement the best practices.
    And if you want to give your clients access to their content, you can easily implement ACF with it.
    I now dread going back and editing/fixing sites built with the builder I used to love just a year ago.
    I haven’t found one single bug/problem that I couldn’t solve with a bit of research. So if you are familiar with coding (or up for some learning) and getting your hands dirty to get the best possible output for your sites, Oxygen is your best choice.


      Oxygen Page Builder is great, I have had a license since v1 and it gets better with each release.
      It is a steep learning curve compared to the “other” page builders and in the past was a bit unforgiving but is much better now.
      I use WPAstra and Thrive Architect for budget websites and recently dug out an X Theme Pro license for a site where I needed a special header.
      Just waiting for a bit of spare time to get back to Oxygen (see what’s new etc).
      If you can spare some time to play, Oxygen can be a real eye opener.


    We all moan and complain about DIVI and then but hardly anyone regrets buying a lifetime access. I sure don’t and I would do it again ;D The value for the money is just great. Elegant Themes is a steady large business so you can count on their support and not worry that in a year there will be no support. And if not (sometimes happens) you have huge fb community eager to help. The minor inconveniences and errors we get every so often, and maddening updates every 3 seconds are nothing in comparison to the value of the product you will get.


    Divi vs Elementor Page Builder

    Four years ago I found and used Divi to create a website for a client. At that time Divi was the best way to go. Since then I have discovered the Astra theme and Elementor page builder. Both have paid versions but I have not had any need to pay for either one so far. Astra is a very lightweight theme and Divi is bloated. That means that it will take longer for Divi to load the same content as it will take a website created with Astra.
    Elementor is a zillion times easier and works. When I used Divi it would be slow and wack out at various times. Elementor does not offer a lifetime license and probably never will. It is totally worth the cost though.
    Get Elementor Page Builder

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