DigitalOcean Vs Linode? Should I use DigitalOcean or Linode?


DigitalOcean Vs Linode? Should I use DigitalOcean or Linode? Which is best for WordPress Hosting?

DigitalOcean vs Linode Should I use DigitalOcean or Linode

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    Both charge by hourly rate. It’s cheap to try both for 1 week (even 1day) to find out which one is “best” to you. Personally i like Linode CPU but Digital Ocean more scalable (block storage, object storage).

    You really can’t go wrong with Linode, DigitalOcean, or Vultr. They’re all very similar on price point but DO is definitely the best value right now. That wasn’t the case even a couple months ago but they more than cut their prices in half.

    They also have a really interesting “middle” priced node a $15/month right now. The 3GB of RAM config fits nicely with a handful of WordPress sites. Not too much, definitely not too little.

    I’d look at which once is physically the closest to your visitors. Vultr has more DC options than any of the three, and they have some features that you can’t find anywhere else – “bare metal” AntiDDOS etc.

    Linode has a pretty dated interface – and even their new “cloud” beta one isn’t nearly as sexy as DigitalOcean or Vultr from a UI perspective. But they’re incredible stable and they have some unique DC locations as well.

    Long story short, you won’t get horrible burned with any of these providers and they deliver an enormous amount of value for dollar.


    I have had a great experience with DigitalOcean and with Vultr. I haven’t tried Linode, so can’t comment there. The only turn off I have on Vultr, Vultr will not discuss anything about their hypervisors, things like, do they have RAID, what kind of RAID is it, hardware, software, RAID10, not raid10, etc. As a business owner, my job is to ensure I know what my risk points are and have sufficient mitigations in place for those risks. I am 100% ok with risk, after all, “it’s a dangerous business going out your door”. But I must know enough about them. I’m skittish of Vultr because they won’t say anything at all about it. Ask them yourself, I dare you :). DigitalOcean however, would go into more detail. So for that reason, I am preferring Digital Ocean over Vultr, price wise DO is now a better value, especially on SSD storage, than Vultr, and I value the specific details they gave me about their hypervisors. I understand everyone’s need to protect intellectual property, but I’m not asking for trade secrets.


    We use Linode but I’ve also used DigitalOcean. We use it probably to run parts of our Galera cluster and our staging servers.Both are about the same in terms of price, performance and features.

    DigitalOcean had an edge in a couple features and has a more modern UI. I actually prefer the simpler Linode UI though and Linode is catching up on features.

    Try them both. I believe there are trial version or if not just spin up the cheapest plan on each for a month and play around. Linode has a $5 option, not sure about DigitalOcean.


    I have used (and still have instances with) both Digital Ocean and Linode extensively, and while there was a time I would have given the speed crown to Linode (their Dallas DC is still wicked, but no add-on storage), DigitalOcean is the *clear* winner today. Many more features, much better reliability, better panel (I would say that Linode’s panels [plural] are a joke, but they’re not amusing), universally-available add-on storage. Linode has *really* gotten bad in the last year. EDIT: Also, cheap S3 storage.


    Performance wise between those two I’d say Linode, Vultr is pretty close to Linode though. DigitalOcean is better if you’re looking a nice looking control panel.
    DigitalOcean is also cheaper. I’ve had better experience with Linode personally. Vultr I hear is good. Google Cloud is pretty powerful, but takes some knowledge to really set it up well. Amazon AWS is AWS, you can build something big on it, but a bit pricier.


    Are you okay with Unmanaged VPS? If not, consider Cloudways. They offered managed cloud instances over AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr or Digital Ocean. I’ve heard something about them possibly adding Linode, but idk if that’s official yet. I have some sites on Cloudways using both DO and Vultr and sites on Vultr seem a bit faster, and the pricing is better.

    Get CloudWays


    If you need a managed VPS, take a look at KnownHost. Good performance, support and prices (for managed). You can usually find discounts. I use their SSD VPS and am happy. I think about saving $15-20/month with DO and SP but haven’t found time to learn and have some friends who have struggled with issues (probably largely due to learning curve of server management).

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