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  1. Your Landing Page Is A Specific Page You Want To Send Targeted Traffic To, Usually For One Product Or Offer, And Is Designed Specifically To Try And Convert Someone Into A Buyer. The Home Page Is Just The Main Opening Page Of The Site. Not Necessarily Designed To Convert Someone To Purchase One Specific Thing But Meant To Provide Visitors With An Overview Or Snapshot Of Your Website And/or Your Services And Products.

    When To Use A Landing Page:

    • You Should Use a landing page When Advertising PPC or offline to send people to a page about the ad campaign.
    • You Want People In Email Newsletter list? Use A Landing Page Which Also Called Squeeze Page
    • If You AreĀ  Launching A New Product Use A Landing Page For Product Promotion.
    • Give Free eBook to Collect Potential Lead With A Landing Page.
    • For Social Media Profile Links You Should Use A Targeted Landing Page

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  2. If you don’t do a targeted landing page then your home page is a landing page.

    Your home page is just another website page like any other. Its only difference is it is the one the domain name is directed to /associated with.
    But thousands of designers, developers and marketers are confused by what a landing page is. Which is ok because I make money out of fixing “landing pages” that are not converting.

    The point I was making is if you don’t intentionally create a landing page then your home page is your landing page by default. And while I don’t have actual statistics, I venture an educated guess that 99% of home pages are therefore unplanned landing pages.
    Using a home page as a landing page is the cause of 100% of marketing failures on the internet (especially on FB).

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