How to Detect Malicious Code or Malware on WordPress?


How to Detect Malicious Code or Malware on WordPress? What is the best process to detect a malware code from a file of WordPress?

I already detected all files which have malware code with the help of the Hosting provider.

But there are too many files and many files have essential code for the website. I just need to detect the malware code from the files and remove them.

Note- The hosting provider deactivated the Account for the Malware and told me to remove malware files/code first. Then they will activate the account. That’s why I am not able to use any WordPress plugins.

Detect Malicious Code or Malware on WordPress
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Ali Akkas 1 year 2020-11-29T16:36:20+00:00 1 Answer 2

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    If u run the Sucuri security scan, it will detect the corrupted file and it can replace the system file over that. Now in terms of theme and plugins corrupted file, you have to replace those manually. For database malware injection, run wordfence. It will detect and clear as much as it can. But in most cases, you need to run debug to fully fix the corrupt database. 
    Delete WordPress old files except wp-content,wp-config,.htaccess files and backup database.then upload a fresh copy of WordPress except for the wp-content file. Then delete the Theme and install fresh a copy as well as all Plugins too through Cpanel or FTP client.

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