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  1. What Is Defer Parsing Of JavaScript And Why You Should Defer JavaScript Files?

    JavaScript Files Load To Browser Before Browsers Render Website. So Visitors Can’t See Website Until JavaScript And CSS Files Are Loaded Fully. Defer Parsing Of JavaScript Means The HTML Document Will Be Loaded Before The JavaScript File Is Finished Loading. JavaScript File Won’t Execute Until The HTML Document Is Fully Loaded. As A Result Visitors Won’t Need To Wait Much To See The Web Page.

    How To Defer Parsing Of JavaScript Files:

    The Plugin I Use On All My WordPress Sites And Recommend To Others Is WP Rocket. WP Rocket Is Very Easy To Use And Provides Full List Of Performance Optimization Solutions. You Can Check A Checkbox To Minify And Concatenate JavaScript And CSS Files, Enable Browser Caching, Lazy Load Images Etc. After Installing WP Rocket Go To The Setting Dashboard, Click On File Optimization Section. Turn On “Load JavaScript Deferred”, “safe Mode” Setting Will Automatically Enabled Too.


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