Defer Parsing Of JavaScript How To Fix?


Defer parsing of JavaScript How can I solve? I tried various plugins but nothing .. in the various speed tests of the site there are no improvements.

I have noticed a performance decrease on my page after installing the ReCaptcha plugin. Running GTmetrix for my site I found it necessary to set defer parsing of Javascript. Any ideas on how to achieve it? I tried with a plugin and also with code on functions.php but had no results.

GTmetrix score of my site: PageSpeed score 67%, YSlow score: 62%, Page Details: Fully loaded time: 15.8s, Total Page size: 7.85MB, Request: 175. Recommended Grade: Defer Parsing of JavaScript F(0), Leverage browser caching F(18), Minify JavaScript; F(59), Minimize Redirect: B(83), Minify CSS: B(88), Optimize image: A(94).

I installed W3 Total cache, there was no much improvement. I installed Optimizer, it broke down my site and I have to deactivate and uninstall the plugin. Currently, I still have a W3 total cache.

Please, advice me. Did I configure the W3 total cache wrongly or do I need another plugin?

How To Fix Defer Parsing Of JavaScript?

Defer Parsing Of JavaScript How To Fix
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    What Is Defer Parsing Of JavaScript And Why You Should Defer JavaScript Files?

    JavaScript Files Load To Browser Before Browsers Render Website. So Visitors Can’t See Website Until JavaScript And CSS Files Are Loaded Fully. Defer Parsing Of JavaScript Means The HTML Document Will Be Loaded Before The JavaScript File Is Finished Loading. JavaScript File Won’t Execute Until The HTML Document Is Fully Loaded. As A Result Visitors Won’t Need To Wait Much To See The Web Page.

    How To Defer Parsing Of JavaScript Files:

    The Plugin I Use On All My WordPress Sites And Recommend To Others Is WP Rocket. WP Rocket Is Very Easy To Use And Provides Full List Of Performance Optimization Solutions. You Can Check A Checkbox To Minify And Concatenate JavaScript And CSS Files, Enable Browser Caching, Lazy Load Images Etc. After Installing WP Rocket Go To The Setting Dashboard, Click On File Optimization Section. Turn On “Load JavaScript Deferred”, “safe Mode” Setting Will Automatically Enabled Too.


    Learn How To Speed Up WordPress Website Or Best WordPress Cache Plugin With CloudFlare  Or The Best And Most Popular WordPress Theme

    You Can Always Ask A Question If The Problem Persist Or Reply To This Answer.


    It really depends on what plugins and themes are being used. Some sites need more optimizing than others. I can do a lot with just asset cleanup and image optimization. Sometimes I need wp rocket. 
    I use wprocket and Cloudflare CDN along with my own server on Amazon and average under 2 seconds on my websites. It sounds like you probably have a pretty slow server. Using a CDN and a plugin like wprocket can help some but you may need to look at using a faster WebHost.
    Get WP Rocket and Fix Defer Parsing Of JavaScript Issue


    Achieve scores of 100, Stop Chasing scores. Let me repeat that. They’re meaningless. The only thing that matters is your fully loaded (or possibly onload) time. Nothing else. Don’t be fooled into thinking a score of 100 with a loading time of 3 seconds is better than a score of 85 and a loading time of 2 seconds Now, your loading time is 16.2 seconds. So clearly you’ve got some big changes to make. Look at the waterfall chart, identify what is slowing your site, and address that.

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