Have you used Crocoblock Jet Plugins?


Have you used Crocoblock Jet Plugins? And specifically, I’ve used Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin in conjunction with Custom Post Type UI (CPTU) plugin for the custom posts and fields functions, but I see that Crocoblock has its own plugins for customs posts and fields. Do you like it better than ACF and CPTUI or better than any other plugins you have used for this case? In general what you think?

Crocoblock Jet Plugins
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  1. I like them, support is good, but I wished they cut down a bit on the number of widgets that come with their plugins to focus more on a few. Their JetSmartFilters are great. I like Jet Engine. But some of their plugins also just do what Elementor does naively. 
    A bunch of their plugins replicate Elementor Pro features, and in this way it can be an alternative to Elementor Pro. Sometimes having an alternative can help you—one time JetTabs saved my butt on a job. My fav plugins are JetEngine, JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetMenu—but there are many helpful things like the up-and-coming JetAppointment which just got a new update.

  2. Elementor + Jet Plugins = Could Do Almost Anything:

    One of the best addons for Elementor makes stuff easier for you. I use crockblock and Elements Pack Pro. I’ve standardized all of my agency clients on Jet* and it’s absolutely fabulous. You’ll find crufty corners if you dig deep enough, but that’s true of any large software project. Can’t recommend them highly enough. I avoid other plugins/extensions as much as possible, mostly for performance reasons. I can get away with only using the Jet suite like 90% of the time, maybe more. I rarely need the whole suite. I use Jet Engine, Jet Elements, Jet Search, and Jet Smart Filters a ton. Jet Woo Builder somewhat regularly. Otherwise, I use them as needed.
    I keep hearing everyone talking about bugs, but I have JetEngine on about 20+ websites and I am  not having any issues at all that I can think of. I had to use a plugin called “Jet Framework URL fix” because of the way our hosting platform works, but after installing that, we don’t have any malfunctions at all. However, it does make me nervous that so many others are having issues with it.
    I’ve build powerful websites with JetEngine and JetSmartFilters. They have plenty of other useful plugins. You can’t go wrong with their lifetime subscription if you’re planning to build websites for the next 5 years.

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  3. I prefer JetEngine over ACF because I like the SmartFilters. Couldn’t make filtering work with ACF. I use crocoblock jet engine for jetbooking feature it has capabilities of managing units very cool feature, I am not able recreate this with ACF and PODS. If someone can give me heads up on this feature in ACF or else I find jet engine and jetbooking stable I didn’t face any bugs.

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  4. I’ve used them and although they offer a lot of functionality, on performance side of things they aren’t great… I’m using extras for elementor and in the following update they’ll be pushing a lot of great things that compare to jet filters and they have conditional display already. My advise would be to look into that, certainly with the update that’s coming after elementor 3.0 is released.
    I like JetEngine, but it’s nowhere as feature-rich as ACF. I use a few other of their plugins when I can’t replicate their functionality elsewhere, but otherwise I stick to Elementor Pro.
    BTW, The dev team is doing incredible updates over the last year. It was so good I kept my subscription going. I’ve been using JetEngine and it’s seriously expanded my prowess as a web design. I skipped ACF. Jet Engine and Smart Filters are incredibly powerful. I use jet engine for custom layouts and jet smart filters frequently. For custom fields I previously used ACF though.

  5. I think the Jet plugins are great. The biggest issue I have with them is that they frequently will break Elementor whenever Elementor has an update so you either have to roll back Elementor or disable the plugin till Jet pushes out an update for their plugin to fix it.

  6. It is a good tool, but depending on your requirements for your site, it might be limited to certain things. ACF works better for me. While I like JetEngine’s integration with Elementor, it lacks a lot compared to ACF. I bought ACF Pro before they switch to their new pricing model. I have used JetEngine on several sites and have not encountered a single bug. Seems a great, easy to use and powerful product to me!
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  7. I’ve had bad experiences with another plugin by the same company (namely JetElements) and coupled with fairly lackluster support, it made me stay away from this dynamic framework when I was looking for something for a new site. I ended up purchasing Toolset, which is very powerful, but with a massive learning curve (thanks to a design that was clearly done by programmers, not someone with UI/UX talent). Works though.

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