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[Learndash Integration] I’m trying to integrate TC with LearnDash to sell courses. So how do I allow a person to create a username and password while paying via Thrivecart? I can get a person enrolled in a course via the integration but they can’t access it without a un and PW.

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aliakkas38 2022-02-10T17:19:05+00:00 1 Answer 0

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    Easy, there is a ThriveCart integration for LearnDash already. You install that plugin, and then you enter the # of the thrivecart course into it.

    When someone buys in thrivecart, it creates the account in learndash and enrolls them automatically.…/ 
    WordPress sends login credentials to them automatically. Whenever a new user is created, WordPress sends the welcome email (which we customized to say “welcome to the course” or whatever).

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