What’s the Cost of Running a WordPress Site For a Small Business?


What does someone normally pay to have a WP site for their small business?

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  1. Costing of a WordPress Site depends on the following factors:

    • 1.Complexity of the website (If it is a simple frontend website or if it includes a complex backend functionality, Number of pages needed to be built)
    • 2.PSD files will be provided or not (If not, then the hired person has to use their creative skills to come up with a design as well. Now, this is fairly easy using Astra sites, since I use them as my base design to build something new)
    • 3.Maintenance & Support ( This includes keeping your WordPress website updated with latest version of WordPress, Theme Framework and other Plugins. Also, this will include Customer Support, where the hired person may do some small tasks such as Adding simple pages or a feature, or editing a setting or a small CSS task)

    The cost to build and manage a WordPress Site depends on your purpose.

    If you build an ecommerce website, it’ll cost a lot more money. However, if you just want to build a simple blog, you can start without any money. To build a professional website or blog to make money, you can start with less than $5 a month.

    If you know a little bit about website development, you just need to pay for domain and hosting costs. I started my website Makemoneysavvy with less than $3 a month.

    Hope this helps.

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