Cloudways vs Siteground Cloud Hosting?


CloudWays vs SiteGround Cloud Hosting For WordPress Website? I have some questions about switching from Siteground to Cloudways DigitalOcean/ VULTR. I did some search here and GridPane is out of my budget.

I’ve been using SiteGround GoGeek for almost 2 years. I’m totally satisfied with their support and up-time, everything goes well throughout the years. However, the renewal price pulls me back (I think most of the people do).
I’m hosting 3 domains (1 Woocommerce, 2 company introduction). monthly visit around 30k in total. 5GB storage has been used. Rarely CPU overload due to seasonal concurrent traffic to the Woocommerce site. One of the websites is expanding so there will be customers around the world visiting the website, so I think a VPS will be a more suitable solution in terms of loading time.

Cloudways vs Siteground Pricing?

My budget is around $20-30/month include mail hosting.
Cloudways DigitalOcean or VULTR? VULTR seems quite popular here, but I’m not sure what are the differences.

Cloudways will be my first time hosting on a VPS. cPanel is what I’m familiar with. Does the panel of Cloudways have a huge difference from cPanel?

Will the 1GB + 1Core Cloudways DigitalOcean/VULTR enough to handle my current usage?

Do I need to choose OS environment? I have 4 email accounts for those 3 websites (1+1+2). I found Rackspace mail hosting for $2.99/user, any other cheaper hosting suggestions? (No G-Suite because it is too expensive for my budget and I actually have 2 accounts using it for marketing).

Cloudways vs Siteground
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    For a $40 to $60/m budget you can buy a DigitalOcean or Google Compute Engine dedicated cloud server from CloudWays. Then Why SiteGround Highly Priced Cloud?

    CloudWays offer optimized managed cloud servers for WordPress powered websites, CloudWays support is known for going the extra mile to help solve, migrate and configure the websites and are available 24×7 over chat and tickets, you will have the ability to deploy unlimited websites on a single server with unlimited staging URLs that you can easily use for dev purposes.

    And if you can stretch your budget a bit then you can go with AWS server also.

    You can also divide your budget and buy multiple 1GB ($15/m) DO servers and host 8-10 small WP sites/server on them.

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    CloudWays is the easy winner for developer environment, space, and performance. SiteGround is worth it for $8 plan if you want the cheapest thing, faster support, and email function!


      Where you found SiteGround $8 plan? Cheapest is $12, but it is unusable. Decent plan on Siteground cost $35.

      In general, hosting cheaper than $20 suitable only for unimportant, hobby sites. If you have direct or indirect income from site, you need more solid shared hosting. It starts from $20, but more realistically from $30.

      $30-$40 is the starting point of decent VPS, so there are big debate what’s better – high-end shred or low-end VPS.

      For business sites I prefer VPS. Shared – for hobby.


    I work with both. CloudWays is fast, I have a WP site(Visual Composer) with 5k daily visits on 22$/m without any caching. But their support is awful in the last year or so.

    SiteGround has great support, knowledgeable and willing to help. Not sure about website speed as I manage only small sites there, 20+ on SiteGround  GoGeek and working ok.


    If you do due Siteground just be aware that there prices jump after the first year. And they never run offers/discounts to the existing customers when i was with them. Which turn me off to siteground plus i had issues with my site being up and didn’t have nearly those amount of views


    Learn sysadmin basics and setup your own VPS directly with DigitalOcean or Vultr or Linode or Upcloud.
    Also if one would consider ‘good’ SiteGround, they are pretty much more expensive than a good unmanaged VPS, and also a lot more capped in many senses (CPU, bandwidth, ram etc.)


    Do Any Of Those Two CloudWays or SiteGround Scale Up To A Dedicated Server?


      CloudWays is easier to scale up. SiteGround is basically a shared hosting, and if you wanna scale up you’ll need to migrate. You can scale up to 20 cores on CloudWays . Probably 32 if you request it. CloudWays is pretty easy to scale up though. Just move the slider and select “Scale Now”. If you’re scaling up to 32 cpu, you might be better off using something like OnCloud of Server Pilot where you pay a set price per server though.

      You can get over 32 cores on a VPS, and you’re always going to be able to scale more with VPS. That’s why all these companies that used to use dedicated jumped to Vultr or DigitalOcean or Linode, etc. Bare metal has its uses, but it has its own set of issues too.

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    SiteGround is not the best. When you install heavy plugins like YOAST SEO, WPML..etc. Also many 500 server timeout error you will got. I am now on NameHero for month and satisfied. Also DigitalOcean and Linode is good.


    Well I’ve never tried CloudWays but I went from HostPapa to SiteGround and the difference was immense. Working on my site feels like working on one running on my local pc and my speed test results went up significantly. I’m all for SiteGround.


    I’m actually looking at moving from Shared Hosting at SiteGround to CloudWays right now. My main reason is because of the significant increase in the renewal cost at SiteGround (which is common for other shared hosting providers). I will miss the high standard of support at SiteGround, however the CloudWays platform really suits my needs (and my bottom line).


    If I had to pick between those two, I’d definitely go with CloudWays. Because SiteGround sucks. And Cloudways sucks less. Siteground reels you in with a ‘cheap’ (but kind of still overpriced) rate. Then after a year you pay triple. If you use any kind of resource heavy php script then their platform is gonna choke out on you or finish up your ‘cpu seconds’. Think of product feed generators, page builders, backup plugins…. I was on the SiteGround GoGeek Plan for over a year and it was crap. They only thing that you really pay for is the 24/7 live chat support. But you wouldn’t need it if the platform would just perform properly.
    SiteGround GrowBig and GoGeek hosting plans allow to host unlimited websites on a single hosting account

    CloudWays is definitely a step up, and will suffice for most people. But don’t expect too much from it. I’ve seen it choke out on resources as well, namely Flatsome‘s UX Builder (a page builder). That sucks ! I mean it’s a VPS you’re getting here and somehow they still throttle you. And don’t get me started on their chat support….

    If you ask me, the best way to go is a standalone (UnManaged) VPS. But I don’t find it fair to recommend to people cause it requires some basic net/sysadmin skills.


    I see everyone jumping around from host to host hoping for the next increase or should I say a decrease in load time. I see ppl talking shit about certain WebHost. What is boils down too is investing in the right tools to increase your web speed. For example, if you have a bloated or shitting theme your website will be slow no matter the host. If you have a ton of unnecessary plugin your site will be slow. If your images are not resized and compressed your site will be slow. If you have scripts loading in the header your site will be slow. If you’re not using a good host plus a CDN your site will be slow. My point is to fix your site first and route your traffic through a CDN. Invest in a theme, avoid bloated plugin, invest is a cache plugin. My site loads in under 3 seconds worldwide and I’m happy with the money my site is making simply by investing in the time to correct my speed issues. You have to be smart stop paying a ton of money on hosting just to get speed.

    We use siteground and find it good. Although their usual excellent customer service is not so good with the corona stuff at the moment. I just moved a couple of sites from SiteGround to CloudWays, due to cost and flexibility, & couldn’t be happier. the control panel is great & performance is better.

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    Love Cloudways. Big speed difference on the wp backend, compared to all other hostings I have used. Makes developing a lot more enjoyable. And fast frontend makes for happy clients. I moved from Siteground to Cloudways and would recommend it. I feel like I’ve made a step up to the next level, and now I’m used to it, the platform feels simple and efficient. Cloudways is amazing for UI, feature control, and speed.


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    I went from SiteGround to Cloudways. I chose Digital Ocean 2 core. Loving it. It was more complicated but the support was there to help me. Cloudways has all the essential features for a developer. The best one I have ever worked with. Cloudways is the best.

    Siteground is also awesome, the customer service is super helpful support tickets get answered in minute’s, the renewal fee after the 1st year is quite high but pay for what you get. I wouldn’t use anyone else other than this two.

    If you are not tech-savvy I would advise you to choose managed hosting. Depending on your traffic volume you should choose between shared and VPS. I recommend Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting as I used it for years I am very happy with them.

    If you are techie, Use Digital Ocean. It’s a VPS with dedicated resources, unlike the manage platforms you’ve mentioned. Using dedicated resources on a server instance you manage gives you the advantage of speed, especially if you have a large catalog and high traffic. Digital Ocean is fully scalable and less expensive over time.


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