Cloudways vs ServerPilot?


Cloudways vs ServerPilot? I’m currently running DigitalOcean with ServerPilot. I’m pretty happy with it, but are there any other options that might work better?

I have been running with DigitalOcean + ServerPilot for a year or two and have been pretty happy. The only issue is that I am really not a server admin, don’t mind learning but realistically I am probably being penny wise and pound foolish. My time is better spent on other things. So I am looking for a managed hosting platform that is reasonable in cost.

Cloudways vs ServerPilot Pricing

I have about 30 sites on two DO servers, total cost $40/month. It looked like the Cloudways 42/month server would be a good fit — similar capacity but with CDN/caching/security built in and good support.

So I thought Cloudways might be it but I have had a frustrating 6 or 7 hours with my try-it-free account on the platform. I have migrated two sites using their plugin and neither was successful. Furthermore the chat support, while polite and reasonably responsive, didn’t seem quick to identify the issues, and at the end of it all I still don’t think I know a reliable process to migrate apps to their platform. (I should probably try one with UpdraftPlus Migrator, but it seems odd that the process they have baked into their platform does not work–at least for me. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but support was unable to tell me what mistake I was making.)

So Cloudways customers in here, tell me your experiences with them.
(I know this is a long post but hey, at least I didn’t come in here and just say “who is the best host for WordPress?” )

Cloudways vs ServerPilot

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  1. ServerPilot vs Cloudways ?

    • CloudWays installed much software for you (whether you like it or not) and easier to manage your sites. It uses more resources. You don’t get root access to install the software you want to use.
    • Serverpilot is simple and clean. $10 per month if you want to use SSL and multiple users. You still have root access to do whatever you want.
    • CloudWays managed for you, Serverpilot you do all the server maintenance but you still have to buy a server like Digital Ocean droplet.
    • CloudWays is a server plus managed service and support and faster.


  2. I use Cloudways and it works great, also because their support is amazing. I also use just DO on one project where I needed a lot of custom configuration of the server, and there I need to hire someone to do my configuration and Maintenance -> more expensive than Cloudways would be.
    I’d say, if you are not a server admin or have someone who can do it perfectly, go for Cloudways (DigitalOcean or Vultr, why not?), otherwise, go for DigitalOcean directly.
    If you use Cloudways you have only a few plans to choose from but with tons of features! If you use DigitalOcean alone with ServerPilot you can choose any plans that DigitalOcean has  Cloudways give you much more and I think it is worth the price. Unfortunately, we can’t use the existing DigitalOcean account with Cloudways so I am still with ServerPilot but they are simply good enough and I don’t have to pay for DigitalOcean so I pay only $10 for ServerPilot 

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